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Links and Resources Masterpost

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Please note: this list has not been updated since around 2012. Many of these are still useful links, but please note that the overall list is now woefully out of date. I still welcome everyone to share resources in the comments, however! If anyone wants to take over maintaining a list like this, please let me know and I can see what I can do to help.  -Sennkestra

The following is a list of links to various resources that might be helpful for doing Vis Ed work - it is currently far from complete, so if you have suggestions for something you'd like to see added, please feel free to PM me or post below!


More info on Asexuality:

AVEN main page - see links at top of page for FAQs and Asexual Perspectives

Asexual Explorations - also includes bibliography of current research on asexuality.

Asexuality Studies


Asexuality Archive

AVEN Project Team on Tumblr and Facebook

Asexuality in online encyclopedias, etc:



Works about asexuality

Understanding Asexuality by A. F. Bogaert (2012) - book by a researcher in the field of asexuality studies

(A)sexual by Angela Tucker (2011) - documentary (available on iTunes), screenings may also be arranged through AAW.

Asexuality: A Brief Introduction by Redbeard (2012) - book dedicated to talking about asexuality as a sexual orientation

Where to buy Ace-related stuff:

AVEN store - New design submissions welcome! (see also this thread for information or to submit designs).

AAW shirts


Printable Educational/Promotional/Fun Materials

Aven trifold pamphlet (b/w) (see this thread for different resolutions)

AVEN trifold pamphlet color

leaflets (color) from WorldPride 2012

Asexual Awareness Week pamphlet

AAW's Asexual Resources 3 sheet

AAW's Brief Guide to Asexuality for Parents and Family

AAW's LGBT and Asexuality

Asexual glossary

Let's Talk About Asexuality Poster and updated version

What's the big deal about sex"/cake poster

Ace Power Poster

ace/aven stickers

Asexual Awareness Week poster -blank

trifold brochure from transcending boundaries

Pandoren's series of pamphlets from Pride London 2011

Asexuality and LGBT: The case for inclusion

Taking the Cake: An Illustrated Primer on Asexuality, a zine by Anara

Asexuality Infographic by Amilu

(AVEN thread w/ docs)

Foreign Language Resources

Powerpoint presentation "L'asessualità" (Italiano) - realized by ithaca

AVEN pamphlet (Italiano) - Many thanks to Ithaca for translating!

A5 Leaflet (Italiano) - Many thanks to ojou-sama for the realization!

AVEN pamphlet「無性戀基礎知識」(Chinese) - translated by Starry

Other Education Resources

Workshop notes by Siggy (slides and an outline) - for the Western Regional LGBTQIA Conference (2011)

Powerpoint by SBB of Asexual Awareness Week; modified from Tristan's presentation.

Powerpoint by ithaca - for a youth LGBTQI club (2013)

Powerpoint by starrynight - presented in a sexuality class and a QSA lecture (2013)

Presentation slides by estrella fugaz - for a university QSA presentation (2011)

Presentation slides by Lehcar (2008)

Presentation slides by Coleslaw - presented to university psychology students (2008)

Presentation slides by Morag - Asexuality 101 for a university LGBT group (includes ace-readable characters!) (2012)

ASEX 101 by David Jay (includes slides and audio) - Asexuality and the rise of the asexual community (2006)

How to Be an Asexual Ally series by Swankivy.


See also: Asexuality in the media

Media Appearances: Television

The Morning Show (Australia) (2011)


France 24

Media Appearances: Print Media

Glad to be asexual - New Scientist (2004)

Among The Asexuals - The Guardian (2012)

Media Appearances: Online Media (as in online publications, not just blogs)

Asexuals Push for Greater Recognition - ABC News (2006)

"what is it like to be asexual" BBC news (2012)

Media Appearances: Radio/Podcasts

David Jay/Dan Savage Radio Interview (transcript) (the interview starts about 16 min in.)

CBC radio's Jian Ghomeshi interviews David Jay (transcript).

HowStuffWorks SYSK podcast discusses asexuality (Sept 11, 2012)


AVEN History:

thread where the black ring thing came from

Creation of the Ace Flag: first suggestion, 1st flag thread by standup, 1st off-site survey, first round of voting on AVEN, second discussion thread, voting second round, final voting thread, final winner announcement


See also: Asexual Sites

Major/Notable Blogs (Non-tumblr)

The Asexual Agenda

Major/Notable Tumblrs*

(note: I'm excluding personal tumblrs of aces, simply because there are too many awesome ones to post here! Instead, I'm sticking to more general tumblrs.)

Ace Secrets

Asexual Advice

AVEN Project Team

Cake Yeah Asexuals

Ace Watch

Asexual Education

Asexual Axolotl




Asexuality-Exists (yes, they are two different blogs)

Asexuality Resources

One% world


Ace Vloggers/Channels

The Dapper Ace

Hot Pieces of Ace


Other Ace sites/communities

Asexual Awareness Week

A positive (sex-positive asexual forum)

Asexuality on Livejournal

acebook - asexual dating site

Club of Aces - asexuality group on DeviantArt

Asexualitic - asexual dating site

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wow Clea!!! this is an amazing work!!!

first, no need to thank ^_^ it is my pleasure!

i'll work on a few more things now, thanks to this thread, so you've gotta prepare yourself, be a lot patient with me :lol:

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Guest member25959

I don't know how useful this is, but Wikifur has a Sexual Orientation article that mentions Asexuality.

Also, FurAffinity has an Asexual_Furrries group and a newer Asexual_Furs group.

There's also the mysterious Experience Project boards and Queer Youth Network's forum.

And there's also this: alternate language links

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The The Morning Show (Australia) (2011) link says the video isn't there anymore :/

Weird :blink: Works for me :mellow:

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This is amazing Clea

I'll steal some of the materials to publicate them in my University :ph34r:

Awesome job, seriously, well done!

:cake: for our Clea :lol:

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I have bookmarked this. ;)

:cake: :cake: :cake: :cake:

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I found something old that could be useful:

This used to be a NZ site for asexuality, it had a Visibility and Awareness page with a pamphlet (inspired by AVEN's) and some posters.



Pamphlet text
Simply put, asexual people don't care about sex.
They are not compelled to seek sexual partners or sexual relationships. In a culture which places a high premium on sexuality, living as an asexual person can be difficult and confusing. There is very little public information available on asexuality, and misconceptions about nonsexual lifestyles abound. This pamphlet is designed to clear up some of those misconceptions and give a basic understanding of the complicated issues surrounding asexuality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is asexuality the same as celibacy?
No. Celibate people choose to abstain from sexual relationships, while asexual people do not feel compelled to form them.

Can asexual people fall in love?
Nonsexual relationships can be just as close and intimate as sexual ones. Sexuality is one way to express emotion in a close relationship, but it is by no means THE way. That being said, nonsexual relationships do not necessarily "look" like sexual ones. There are social norms for sexual relationships that asexual people do not necessarily worry about. Some asexual people date, some form close friendships, and some are happy on their own.

Are there a lot of asexual people out there?
A recent study, analysing the results of a survey of sexual practices conducted in the UK, showed that 1% of survey respondents chose the option "I have never felt sexually attracted to anyone at all" when questioned about sexual attraction. If this figure is applicable to the New Zealand population, then there could be around 40,000 asexuals living in Aotearoa New Zealand.

I think I fit the definition of asexuality but see myself as gay / bi / straight - can I still be asexual?
Yes, some asexuals experience (nonsexual) attraction to other people - what is sometimes called a "romance drive" - and so might also have a specific orientation and consider themselves gay, bisexual or straight.

Am I asexual?
Ultimately, only you can decide if the "asexual" label accurately describes how you feel. If you would like to read more on asexuality you might find it useful to look at the two websites listed at the back of this pamphlet.

Asexuality is NOT:
- celibacy
- sexual repression
- sexual aversion
- fear of intimacy
- the inability to find a partner
- emotional frigidity
- the inability to experience the sexual arousal

Many asexual people are:
- interested in forming close romantic relationships
- capable of experiencing sexual arousal
- attracted (nonsexually) to women, men, both, other or none of the above
- in happy, healthy relationships with other asexual people or even with sexual people

Some Asexual Thoughts
"Why do I need sex when there are so many other ways to be happy? I'll experience so many things in my life, and sex just isn't important to me."
"Life without the desire for sexual intimacy or sexual relationships is sometimes lonely, usually free, and always interesting. I have to explore a lot of things on my own, but I've gotten to explore a lot more things than I would have had I been tied down in relationships. I am very happy with who this orientation frees me to be."
"I have relationships that are anything but simple, the neat distinctions between 'friend' and 'lover' just don't apply. I don't intend to live my life alone, and I don't see why I would have to."
"I find so much fulfilment, joy and wonder in the world around me. From the tiniest microbes to human achievements to the distant galaxies - I want to learn as much as possible about ALL of it. To me, by comparison, sex is simply irrelevant."
"People tell me I don't know what I'm missing. That's true - so I'll just have to make do with fun, intimacy, loyalty, sharing and deep emotional connection."

Want to find out more?
Asexuality Aotearoa New Zealand - www.asexuality.org.nz
Formed in 2005, Asexuality Aotearoa New Zealand (AANZ) aims to increase the awareness and visibility of asexuality in Aotearoa New Zealand and to encourage the formation of asexual groups throughout the country.
Asexual Visibility and Education Network - www.asexuality.org
Since 2001, the Asexual Visibility and Education Network (AVEN) has worked to build asexual community and to increase public understanding and acceptance of asexuality. The AVEN web site contains information on asexuality as well as an active online forum.


okay.gif everyone.giflust.gif time.gifless.gif england.gifphd.gif relationship.giflove.gif tea.gifbridesmaid.gif sixty.gifms.gif mister.gif

PS. The site asexuality.org.nz doesn't seem to exist anymore, or it's been moved. The wiki has a page on it here, I just thought it could be nice to save the visibility stuff.

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The post about the Demisexuality Facebook page has been split in its own thread.

Robin L, Project Team

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Asexual closed facebook group that is sex positive https://www.facebook.com/groups/627425157330450/

The following is a list of links to various resources that might be helpful for doing Vis Ed work - it is currently far from complete, so if you have suggestions for something you'd like to see added, please feel free to PM me or post below!

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  • 3 months later...

This is awesome! I already posted a link to this article in several other places on the site (I just joined) lol but this link might be helpful for asexuals who have a sex drive and are trying to figure out if they experience sexual attraction (and are therefore maybe gray or demi or not asexual) or if they just experience sexual desire: https://theacetheist.wordpress.com/2013/12/13/differentiating-sexual-attraction-and-sexual-desire/

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aceoffvh.tumblr.com <-asexual tumblr :)

demiacepride.tumblr.com <-demisexual tumblr :)

http://graysexy.tumblr.com/<-graysexual tumblr :)

placiosexual.tumblr.com <-placiosexual tumblr :)

fraysexual.tumblr.com <-fraysexual tumblr :)

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I just launched my new Asexualise My Asexual Life Channel and today I published my coming out video, it was quite a tough one to do, but I want to help others. https://youtu.be/dvELqrJHu8MHow do I get my channel list here please?

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I think this beauty should also be listed here, I'm sure it'll be of use to some people. :lol:

edit: And the census page could go here as well.

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I have a completely free public domain/cc0 cake/flag and name svg vector image banner/cover photo for the header part of a Facebook page (I'm using it on mine) that people might find useful (sorry if this is the wrong place or I shouldn't post it):


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estrella fugaz

Hi all, the link to my PowerPoint (listed above) is broken in my original post and cannot be updated. Please see this link, but be aware the PowerPoint is from roughly 2011 and some info may be outdated: Asexuality.pptx

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Hi, everyone! I just thought I'd help give an update that, thanks to @kelico, there are new AVEN pamphlet links.





AVEN Pamphlets

https://docdro.id/WlRczWd ("What is asexuality?")

https://docdro.id/v7Sp6Tm ("Asexuality means...")

https://docdro.id/oSqonkF ("Asexuality is not...")



This could be another option:



On 3/17/2012 at 4:42 AM, Sennkestra said:

...Please note: this list has not been updated since around 2012. Many of these are still useful links, but please note that the overall list is now woefully out of date. I still welcome everyone to share resources in the comments, however! If anyone wants to take over maintaining a list like this, please let me know and I can see what I can do to help.  -Sennkestra

Hello! I just thought I'd ask whether or not you thought it might be a good idea to update your first post and add these links of AVEN's new pamphlets (and remove the broken pamphlet links in the list) or whether you'd prefer to leave the first post the way it is and only have the new pamphlet links as part of my post, here.


Thank you, for your help!

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@AceMissBehaving @Jarle @kelico @michaeld Do you think one of you would be able to copy this into a new pinned post (with the corrections noted in the previous posts) and make that the new pinned resource list?


I don't really have the time or energy to keep updating the list here, but as noted recently there's a lot of broken links and outdated info in need of attention there; I think it would be better if we could have a thread hosted by a current PT member, so that notifications on it would also go straight to the current active PT members.

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@Sennkestra Thanks! :) I understand not having time to update it, yourself. I just thought the best, polite thing to do would be for me to ask whomever started the thread, to ask for their permission, thoughts, etc., rather than me updating it and adding some new ones and removing broken links without asking or checking with anyone (when it was possible that, perhaps, staff might've wanted to keep it that way, preserve AVEN's history on it, etc.)

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