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  2. hudsonvalley76

    Third Time Lucky

    Hi. 45 year old asexual woman here. Not interested in sex or a relationship. I am a virgin. You are not alone.
  3. Black-purple-grey

    What does romantic attraction feel like?

    It's a warm feeling in the chest, a desire to cuddle and kiss that person, to be in a relationship with them, to laugh with them, get close to them. Fall in love with them.
  4. Myssterry

    anyone past 50 on here?

    Heavy rain here today, the roads were beginning to flood. The sun is out again now. I have had a quote from a painter for the painting needed at the front of the house, and my dream of an arbour at the end of the garden is being realised soon. No idea if my land is washing away under the fence though. I will look tomorrow. Not seen anything of the neighbours but that is good, a cooling off period is needed.
  5. Unleash the Echidnas

    Ask Admods questions that don't deserve their own thread

    From what I can tell there can be. I haven't found anything when searching for Invision's behavior but my guess would be the counter's updated in the database at reply submission time but that sometimes there is some delay in updating cached content served to pages. (For this post I got an immediate increment.)
  6. Black-purple-grey

    sexual interest on a cycle?

    I'm Not sure exactly what you mean by a cycle but I can share my own experiences. I can go for months on end with absolutely no interest in sex at all. Then seemingly randomly I will be super interested and want it often for several days. Then it fades. Then it's back for several days. Then it completely disappears again for ages. During these times, even the things which would arouse me during my "interested" phases don't do anything for me at all. But I remain romantically interested at all times, that never fades. I had my hormones checked (for another completely different reason) and found
  7. oldgeeza

    Is it possible to know you're asexual at age eleven?

    I didn't discover the term asexual until my forties, if my grandmother were still alive, she would tell you that from the age of 7, I always said that I would never be married, I have never been sexually driven, although as a male, I like women, I know I could never satisfy a woman's needs, so I look but don't touch, for some of us, I think that we know, having said that, sexuality is fluid and can change, in later life, you might change, no one knows what the future holds, but I would say that it is possible as it's you who knows yourself better than anyone else
  8. A female person's sexual functionality shouldn't be reduced to a hole. They get surgery to make a hole that can be penetrated which is great if that's what they want! But female's sexuality being reduced entirely to the hole between their legs is part of why women have suffered so much sexually for millennia. When the hole (ie the surgical one) is designed solely to be penetrated it isn't a good reflection of how females function sexually - there is a lot more to their pleasure and desire than a hole. Again it's awesome if that's what the perso
  9. oldgeeza

    Third Time Lucky

    Hi and welcome back, as another fifty plus person, I know how you feel when it comes to sexual relationships, I have never had any interest in sexual activity, though I'm not repulsed by it, it's just not something I'm interested in, it doesn't work for me either.
  10. Hi All, I'm currently studying for a Masters in Gender and Sexuality. My research for my Masters dissertation is aiming to reveal the breadth of the asexual community, self-identification processes, and help to dispel some common misconceptions around the asexual experience and community. In my research, I have noticed that much of the foundational asexual research is undertaken by non-asexuals, and often reflects their biases. As an asexual myself, I intend to prioritise the voices and experiences of asexuals. Due to the nature of my research, please only particip
  11. Black-purple-grey


    I don't consider myself ficto but I have plenty of crushes on fictional characters - Geralt of Rivia, Carswell Thorne, Nickolai Lantsov etc. I'm a writer and I fall for every male protagonist I write about. But that's something I feel necessary to my writing - how can I expect the reader to love them if I don't? Every character a writer creates is a part of them and thus it is deeply personal whether we are conscious of it or not.
  12. alsjeblieft

    People phobic issues

    Indeed, but it's not about 100% of the nation, like everywhere else
  13. Ithinkimace

    Is it possible to know you're asexual at age eleven?

    you may be able to know at 11 maybe not, but you can label yourself as ace, and if you feel like it changes you can change your labels
  14. Calliers

    People phobic issues

    I thought @alsjeblieftsaid it is like that in Poland too, am I right?
  15. uniQChick

    People phobic issues

    Same in Russia (or other republics of former USSR), friends can come at any time and be welcomed.
  16. Black-purple-grey

    I Hate Naked Bodies

    It depends on the body lol. I mean, I wouldn't say no to seeing Henry Cavill naked. I did a life drawing class at college where we had only one life model - a dude in his sixties - but I was totally OK with that experience, I really enjoyed life drawing. Genitals aren't exactly pleasing on the eye, and neither is fat but I'm not overly averse to nakedness.
  17. It's been about two years since I first seriously considered that I'm asexual and came out as such. I honestly don't think I'm ever going to be 100% sure and I'm comfortable with that, it's the label I feel fits my sexuality best and is the best shorthand to explain my sexuality to other people. I've always been open about it because I feel it's part of who I am and I'm perfectly ok with people knowing about my aceness.
  18. Voter 'subversion': Trump Republicans push laws to make it easier to change elections, per report https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2022/05/19/voter-subversion-trump-republicans-push-laws-change-elections/9824186002/ WASHINGTON - Donald Trump-style Republicans in more than 30 states are pushing new laws that basically would make it easier for them to steal future elections, according to a new report provided to USA TODAY by a group of voting rights organizations. "This trend increases the risk of a crisis in which the outcome of an election could be decided con
  19. Deltalorian

    Is it possible to know you're asexual at age eleven?

    I personally would give it a few years (say age 13) before I'd confidently say that I was ace at that age, but if all the signs you've found point towards you being ace, you can certainly go for it! Just remember that you can change labels at any time, and you aren't legally bound to live up to your own expectations (or others' expectations) of what they mean all of the time.
  20. Sarah-Sylvia

    A confused Queer in need

    Heyy. Welcome around. Totally would make sense to consider gray-aromantic, whether in general or for now. Just be however you are Sounds like you have sensual attraction for girls, from what you said. It's interesting that you'd feel drawn towards kissing but don't have desire to be closer and do other things considered romantic. Sensual attraction is definitely a thing, I have it :P, but just interesting to see it talked about like that. Hope things go well for you! Do feel free to look around and share more from you too.
  21. My parents think I'm too young, but I know I'm ace. And everything I've read says you can know. So do I know, or, like my parents think, is it too soon to be sure?
  22. Black-purple-grey

    Describe your dream primary relationship

    A man who is politically compatible with me, intellectually compatible, kind, caring, humble, introverted, patient, preferably demisexual, able to share his emotions and be sensitive, preferably into the arts in some way because that's where my interests lie (if he likes reading then heck yes I'm all in lol). Basically someone who accepts me the way I am and can accept my not-typically-attractive body and my choices on what I do with my body. Who isn't put off by my virginity or lack of relationship experience. Who can accept my fears and anxieties and support me. And who definitely doesn't wa
  23. Deltalorian

    Teen Corner

    Yes I'd love to see his interpretation of it, even if they can only muster a paragraph or two!
  24. Ithinkimace

    Teen Corner

    ooh yes
  25. greenmoor

    Third Time Lucky

    Hi all, I have been here before in 2 other guises and from years back. First I was Hats and then I returned as Peyton. I knew I was asexual however I couldn't accept it within myself. Here I am at nearly 50 years of age and still no interest in pursuing a sexual relationship with anyone. I have questioned every single aspect of human sexuality and nothing piques my interest. No jiggy jiggy for me. I am asexual. I look forward to seeing you all about the place.
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