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  2. It’s probably not exactly the same thing but I’ve dealt a lot with not feeling like I had intrinsic value and instead thinking I had to bring something (income, skills, sex, etc.) to my relationships in order to give people a reason to stay. Unsurprisingly that drew people who want someone to “earn their keep,” if you will. It is a part of what I worked on in therapy, and I did eventually find that work helpful. I 100% get it intellectually now. I do still occasionally have to remind my feelings.
  3. Spotastic

    anyone past 50 on here?

    I've still never seen the movie, but I can certainly see how the writers had plenty to draw on. I wonder if actual Kazakhstanis would hate it or enjoy it for what it is.
  4. TheAP

    Quickly, Before They See!

  5. ZinxtheJinx

    Parents and Asexuality...

    I am also from a Muslim background but I´m not out to my parents for obvious reasons. I did hint that I may never bear them grandkids and even asked my mom if I could stay single but it turned into a speech about how humans were created and that their natural instincts is to be with another human and have children and all that other wonderful stuff. But stay strong Omar, I mean Muslim parents are more leniet with the boys so maybe you can move out once you´re financially stable and hopefully your parents will understand you. (I doubt it but since its asexuality, there´s a chance.)
  6. ayananana

    Quickly, Before They See!

  7. Aebt

    Teen Corner

    Well that sounds odd, wonder how that would work? I haven't the foggiest idea on how that would be practical.
  8. Coming to terms with it all, I'm doubting that my wife loves me. that's natural. So just many of you ACE folks genuinely love your sexual spouse or couldn't care less if they left?
  9. I guess I feel like it isn't the same result... If someone identifies as asexual, it means they identify an aspect of themselves that is enduring and cannot be changed. And that their own experience of sexuality is substantially different from most others. Which means, in turn, recognizing that a sexual partner has substantially different needs and experiences. These things have the potential to transform any communication that's occurring.
  10. Janus DarkFox

    Is it possible for trans person to be genderfluid?

    I am, trans and genderfluid between non-binary and female as a male sex. I don't think the gender has to be considered in stone, stuck in one place to consider oneself as trans.
  11. TheAP

    Quickly, Before They See!

  12. TheAP

    Red, Green, Blue, RAINBOW GOATS!

    Blue 2
  13. NerotheReaper

    Telltale Games is Over

    Some people might have heard of the game company known as Telltale. It was on Friday when Telltale announced they were letting most of their staff go. This means any games in the works are cancelled. Any planned games, they will never see the light of day. Telltale was a company that made stories that were very story centered. Forget Fortnite, these games wanted to tell a story. Last month they released the first episode of the final season of Walking Dead. They have been building this up for years, now this game is probably not going to be finished. Or at least not finished faithfully. They will be releasing the second episode tomorrow 9/25, and that very well could be it. No final conclusion, as fans know every episode ends on a cliffhanger. What are your thoughts on this? For a more detailed article on this:
  14. Janus DarkFox

    "Undo" button on editor

    Ctrl-Z shortcut keys seems to work to undo any mistakes for me, Ctrl-Y to redo also works.
  15. a minor triad

    Incredibly Ace Moments

    @Dodoa I had something like that happen to me in high school. I was doodling in my notebook, and I started drawing a wolf's face. I started out with the eyes and the snout, so I could shape the face around them. The teacher walked past me and did a double take on my notebook, asking what I was drawing. When I explained, she looked relieved and then told me that what I had so far could looked like a penis. I felt pretty embarrassed and stopped drawing wolves that way immediately.
  16. To Each Their Own

    Is this a normal feeling for an asexual?

    You are far from alone. Like you, I don’t know anyone in person that is like me either. I mean, I don’t know any other asexuals. I’m a little different than you in that i am aromantic, but like you, i am also sex repulsed. This website has been fabulous for me in discovering others that are like me. We may not be in the majority, but we are just as “normal” as everyone else.
  17. Feynman

    Yum or Yuck!

    Yum Caprese salad?
  18. Neutral nerd

    Teen Corner

    The band teacher at our school tried to convince me to play in marching band. He wanted me to play keyboard. I don't know how that would work, but it's definitely a thing since the only other instrument i play is piano.
  19. Feynman

    Quickly, Before They See!

  20. ModernCoffee

    Instead of attraction..

    Im so glad im not the only one!!! It's so weird and it happens so often. i thought it was because maybe I was broken and the only one who experienced pain everytime i was in a relationship or in a romantic situation
  21. ModernCoffee

    Instead of attraction..

    So, in situations where people normally feel romantic attraction, I feel pain. Like an overwhelming, aching pain in my chest
  22. DeltaBird

    Red, Green, Blue, RAINBOW GOATS!

    Blue 1
  23. iam135

    New to exploring asexuality

    Welcome to AVEN kiiwi! Have some cake:
  24. nerdperson777

  25. MichaelTannock

    Quickly, Before They See!

  26. Omarr


    Trying to get better with a mind that’s been hurt so much to the point where it doesn’t trust any sign of recovery is the most mentally draining thing I’ve ever had to go through...

    1. The Angel of Eternity

      The Angel of Eternity

      Well, I take this as a sign you're getting better.

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