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  2. rbex

    I Suppose I'll Say Hi...

    @Lichley Thank you! I'm not entirely certain of her breed, but she is marked calico. Apparently those are notoriously moody cats? Wish I knew that before I got her. But I love her to death, so it's all good. <3 @The Angel of Eternity Thanks! I will eat all of the cake... @Spaceunicorn What an experience! I'm in the same boat as you. I'd love to be in a relationship but without the sex. @MichaelTannock Thank you! And I'll be honest, I don't know if I even have the speech anymore. College was a less than pleasant experience for me, so I don't think I even have a copy of it anywhere. @Espadoodle Haha! I like you already. It's very nice to meet you as well.
  3. The Angel of Eternity

    Once You Come Out: A To-Do List

    @Katto I think number two should be number one and number one should be number five. It just makes more sense to me. But if you like the list the way it is, that's fine, too.
  4. Just Somebody

    Is this sexual attraction?

    You probably feel aesthethic attraction and anxiety towards him... and a lot of stuff.
  5. Gareki

    What does gender feel like?

    I have a female body. When I'm feeling more masculine, I want to hide the feminine parts of myself by appearing as stereotypically "male" as possible. On the flip side, when I'm feeling more feminine, I want to accentuate those parts, which is why I dress myself up and appear stereotypically "female." There are times when I'll feel masculine and yet I'll still wear a full face of makeup with a skirt, but other days I'm so uncomfortable with my body that the thought of doing that makes me want to die. I hope that makes sense...
  6. The Angel of Eternity

    Is this sexual attraction?

    @R.. It could just be aesthetic attraction. Maybe you thought he was extremely good looking. Did you want to kiss or hold hands with him? If so, it could have been sensual attraction. It probably isn't sexual attraction. If you weren't thinking about anything sexual while thinking about or looking at him, I think it's safe to say it wasn't sexual attraction.
  7. Perspektiv

    Master Trump Thread

    The media beat downs, actually help his cause.
  8. zo_zum


    Yeah, unfortunately my industry is very surface level. There’s nothing I can do about it, but thank you I appreciate your input. I’m gonna try my hardest to do this part right haha, hopefully I can get over how scary it is.
  9. Bronztrooper

    The Banning Game!

    Banned for not keeping a closer eye on it
  10. Bronztrooper

    Alphabetical Fictional Character game

    Leliana (Dragon Age)
  11. Bronztrooper

    Word association game

  12. zo_zum

    Chain Game – Geography

  13. Bronztrooper

    Incredibly Ace Moments

    Wait, wut? There's another way to interpret 'Shark Week'????
  14. zo_zum

    The Banning Game!

    Banned for taking all my goat cheese
  15. Samantha Mosher

    Samantha Mosher

    Image may contain: cat


    Maybe he is all the love I need my furbaby Crookchanks

  16. Samantha Mosher

    How many of you own Furbabies!

    My furbaby Crookshanks P
  17. Just realized when my mom gave me a book on how babies were made back in third grade, I read the whole thing, found it an interesting read, and then thought "Cool stuff, but i'm probably not gonna use this lul" That was probably the first sign.
  18. Chamomile_Serenity

    Are cishet asexuals even part of Pride Month?

    I've been thinking about this for awhile and haven't fully wrapped my head around where I'm heading with it so bear with me...If pride month is a celebration of the triumph over tribulation then I can understand why some in the LGBTQ+community are wary of just anyone coming in and being included. They fought hard, they are still fighting hard throwing their bodies on the line. Do we get to dance in the victory circle even when we didn't fight the war? That particular war. Now, if pride month is a celebration of everyone who had little to no representation and all the battles are won for not only the original cause, but future causes who would face similar oppressions as well. Then why not let everyone dance in the winner's circle? Celebrating differences honoring those bodies that made the sacrifice and creating a new social norm one that is inclusive yet still centering of those originally left out and discarded.
  19. Thank you, I agree. From the research I’ve done, it sounds like sexual attraction is unmistakably recognizable. I definitely don’t remember ever feeling this... are there any obvious signs that occur every time with sexual attraction other than just “knowing”?
  20. Samantha Mosher

    Dating & Stuff

    Ok so I really would like to have a boyfriend and eventually get married , but it's not like I'm in a huge hurry. I think some of that may have to do with the fact that I'm afraid that once I explain how I feel I'll get rejected. I've always felt awkward when it comes to talking to guys it's not something that comes easy to me. It was different when I was little obviously since when you're just a child you really aren't thinking about things like sex. I noticed that my trouble with talking to guys started when I got to be around the preteen age and girls and boys are starting to think about boyfriends and girlfriends. It got to an all time high when I became a teenager and it seemed like everyone's hormones were on overdrive and everyone had sex on their mind. I never dated in high school because it didn't seem like any guy was interested in me. I did think that there were some guys that were cute and whatever, but I think the fear of being turned down is what kept me from trying to talk any of them. Just the idea made me incredibly nervous. I think it was because I knew that if I did get a boyfriend that would want to do stuff, stuff that I wouldn't have been comfortable with. I also knew that If I wasn't willing to do what they wanted the guy would most likely dump me for some girl that would. As an adult now I still have this problem. I don't really get approached by guys and the couple of times a guy had shown interest in me since entering adulthood they both had turned out to be pedophiles. I am pretty sure now that since I do look so young for my age that that is why they had an interest in me. I dated the one guy and didn't find out about his record until sometime later. He ended up cheating on me most likely due to the fact that I didn't want to have sex with him and I broke up with him. The other guy I sort hung out with him because of being pressured into it. He told me right away about his past at least and I only gave him a shot because he goes to my church and I thought he was turning his life around. Well he tried to get down my older sisters pants when she was going through a rough patch with her soon to be ex husband because again it wasn't like he was going to get sex out of me. I didn't try to pursue anything further with him after that I don't talk to him anymore. I had fit their sick fetish, but I was legal so there was no fear of getting arrested. Now I have this fear in the back of my head that if a guys does show interest in me is because that. I went to a BBQ once with a friend and later on she had IM'd me that this one guy that has been there had thought I was cute. My friend has the bad habit sadly though of hanging out with some rather unsavory characters so I automatically in the most polite way possible told her that I wasn't interested, because thing is where I live most of the guys here have a record unfortunately and it usually has something to do with underage girls that and or drugs along with DUIs. I wouldn't be interested in a guy like that. I've learned my lesson and I would prefer a guy with out a record. Knowing my luck the guy had probably gotten in trouble for being with an underage girl. Going to the bar is just as bad because when I would go out with friends I knew that If I guy was trying to talk to me or buy me drinks it was only because he was trying to get down pants and that was not happening. I've never been comfortable with approaching guys. I really wish that I could be more confident. I sometimes get grief for being single especially at my age, but at times I find it much easier. I'm not sure how I became so horribly shy, but it was just something that happened.
  21. To Each Their Own

    anyone past 50 on here?

  22. MiraMeyneth

    Is this sexual attraction?

    Yeah, I had the same thing. I don't think it's sexual attraction, to be honest. But your opinion on it is ultimately your choice. The definition of sexual attraction is really nebulous, but generally if you look at somebody and feel some sort of sexual desire, then you're probably feeling sexual attraction. What you describe sounds more aesthetic/platonic attraction, to me anyway. For an analogy, an asexual trying to deduce sexual attraction is kinda like trying to square root a negative number; we just can't compute it, and are forced to use analogies to show what it's like. Think imaginary numbers, I guess. (I suck at explaining oof) Wish you the best of luck, the road to finding oneself can be long and difficult, but it's inevitably worth it in the end.🍰
  23. Falco Peregrinus

    Is this sexual attraction?

    Hello and welcome to AVEN! I can't help you on the whole sexual attraction thing lol but anyways... have some CAKE
  24. MiraMeyneth

    Advantages Of Asexuality!

    All the space that would have gone to sexual thoughts about guys in my head was swiftly retrofitted into a meme repository. Much more useful imo
  25. The Official To-do List For Aces Who Have Just Come Out: 1. Eat cake 2. Make an AVEN account (haha i just promoted AVEN, appreciate me admins >:) ) 3. Get a ton of ace gear 4. Get a pack of cards (new cards.) 5. Throw the cards out the window and yell “IM ACE AF!” there you go I just gave you something to do dont annoy your neighbors kids
  26. Hello! I’m new to this site, and new to the whole “asexuality” thing as well. I think I might be Ace, but there’s just one thing that makes me question this. Last year, I met a boy who I couldn’t get out of my mind despite my disinterest for his personality. I like looking at him, but don’t really admire him as a person. Every time I see him, I suddenly become very nervous, almost like I’m having a mini heart attack or something. Is this feeling... sexual attraction? I don’t want to have sex with him, but I’m afraid I’m confusing my desire to stay abstinent because of religious reasons with the actual lack of sexual attraction. Is there any way for me to figure out what’s going on here? And does anyone have any wisdom or advice? Thank you so much!
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