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  2. Skycaptain

    anyone past 50 on here?

    @chandrakirti, sorry to hear about Molly. At least with pets we have the choice not to let them suffer, you have done the right thing @Mz Terry, if your dietary requirements permit, I was advised to eat things like bone in fish to boost Calcium intake. If you live in a soft water area an occasional bottle of mineral water from a source with high Calcium content (Chalk or Limestone) might help I'm one of the lucky ones, I can be outside from dawn till dusk in summer and just turn brown. I came back from Iceland looking like I'd been in the Caribbean
  3. Telecaster68

    On Chesil Beach

    Yeah, I think for most of us, eventually we just can't take it any more.
  4. Madao

    Happier when friends are single?

    I have felt this quite a lot of times. I actually find it stupid how my friends chose a particular partner when they are obviously not the best person, in my opinion. I think this stems from my possessive and envious nature, and inability to relate with them. Most of the relationships I felt won't work out did end up in a break up though, and I feel bad for thinking such things about that. I don't try to sabotage their relationships though. If I do find their partners good, I wish well for them, but still I am not all supportive for it.
  5. Mezzo Forte

    TransWhatevers of AVEN

    Yeah, in that respect, ace trans spaces aren’t so different from other trans spaces. (General trans spaces aren’t always understanding of asexuality though, and those spaces are a bit more sex-focused too.) Many of us are still ingrained with Cis-normative beauty standards, even if sexual attraction doesn’t factor into the equation. I know that I’m affected by them in my own way, even if I wasn’t deliberately aiming for the sort of cis-passing “status” so much as I was combating the sources of physical dysphoria that happened to make me appear feminine. That said, I do think about stuff like my height that I actually kind of like about myself and notice that I’m more annoyed about the social perceptions (being seen as childlike/feminine) and lack of social accommodations (namely finding clothes my size) than anything. As much as I thought I was going to get taller when I was younger, as much as I envisioned myself being tall and lanky like my brother, I don’t think I’d change my height now even if I had the option. I wish the world was kinder about anything seen as “gender nonconformity,” including the things that are and aren’t in our control.
  6. I actually never faced this kind of thing in my life. People have called me 'child-like' at times, but those comments were not sexual. They meant I was not mature enough for my age. Sex is not discussed openly in my country, so yeah, that thing never happened.
  7. JD_MacGill


    Anyone going to Comic Con London tomorrow and wants to get something for me? I don't want to spend £20 just to get in just to be able to buy ace stuff...

  8. NapoliGirl

    On Chesil Beach

    Well guys, my deal is that for many, many years I did my best to look at compromise from a positive perspective....having a spouse who was "there" and "showed up" for me through thick and thin, really, always having my back, a great provider, a great dad, putting up with my craziness, and all that. That's what sustained me for a great while. Security, safety, and yes, love. It has only really been about 2 years now that the very, very negative perspective has dominated the majority of my thoughts, feelings, and overall life. The lid of Pandora's box has opened, and there's no shutting it. I have tried, I have gotten physically and emotionally sick trying to put the damn stuff back,how I wish the negativity would just disappear and things would go back to "normal" for me. Counselling, therapy, heart to heart talks, nothing has been able to help me turn back time. So most days I am firm in my convictions as to my reality and my next steps; most days that is. I say to myself, "self, you will be living life on your own terms", And then when the high wears off, some days I am so afraid for what's to come for me, I am turning 55 in a few days, I am so scared that I will be all alone, I am afraid to leave the devil I know for the devil I don't know, I am heartsick at the impending destruction of my family life, but I...just....can' I continue with individual therapy to try to help me have more of those days where I stand firmer in my convictions and can move forward with confidence.
  9. Madao

    Extrovert/ Introvert

    Introverted. I rarely associate with people. But I do need those rare times, or I will end up crazy.
  10. SaturnOOO

    The Metalhead Fortress

    ^Black metal cheesiness. Damn I hope the editing function gets fixed soon!
  11. Madao

    Things I hate about summer

    Sweating till you have basically bathed in your sweat, and smell like some skunk. And you can smell other people's sweat too, which is equally gross. Dying because of sun stroke. Crickets chirping till you go crazy. Inability to drink hot stuff.
  12. Falco Peregrinus

    How high can we binary?

    1011 0111 0001
  13. TheAP

    Quickly, Before They See!

  14. Rosendust


    Feeling Dysphoric 

    1. Palovana


      So am I :( 

  15. SaturnOOO

    The Metalhead Fortress

    @Amnesiac I wondered about that as the song you postied isn't on the album I've been listening to today and there doesn't seem to be an EP or anything... I like their style a lot. It's a flattering combination of rawness, technicality, sometimes understated intensity, and headbangable chugging. Oh and yeah, there's definitely a baseline level of characteristic cheeriness, but then there are those that just take it to the next level. And that one is just so out of the blue random ridiculous.
  16. TheAP

    The Banning Game!

    Banned for thinking marmalade is butter.
  17. TheAP

    Guess the word!

  18. Amelys

    Quickly, Before They See!

  19. I've been called a 'cutie' or 'cute' many times by people who (as I discovered later) had some sexual interest in me. I can't remember being called hot much and why would anybody call me that? I just don't look hot or sexy in this confident, seductive way. Even my daughter's friends call me 'anime mum' and think I look like an anime character... looks like my childlike aura is strong and I'm, erm, 36... But yeah, some people are sexually attracted to actual anime characters, so I guess to them I'm sexy as hell until they discover my age at least The downside is people often don't treat me seriously, unless I wear something very formal. If I was in any position of power, I'd look like a joke.
  20. To tag people, you type @ and then start typing the user's name, until it comes up in the list of suggestions. Then you click it and it should come up in purple.
  21. ryn2

    anyone past 50 on here?

    That actually is what the cause is... losing one’s hearing doesn’t really mean sounds are perceived as less loud. It means that important, softer sounds (like speech) are hard to pick out from the background noise. As you struggle to do that, and your brain’s protective reactions to loud noises slow with age, loud noises become physically painful. This is a lesson from my neurologist that I learned the hard way, by not properly seating just one earplug (which is apparently worse than wearing none) during an MRI and then not stopping the test to fix it.
  22. use words. seriously, just tell her!
  23. SusannaC

    Friday Funny

    It really is a bit shameful to feel sorry for oneself on a perfectly good holiday weekend. Absolutely sex here(no different than any other weekend)- so can’t say I’ve made anyone else miserable, for that reason. So off I’m going now to prepare salad and burgers, and if I grumble it will only be to my pillow or my glass of wine. For this weekend only, though.
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