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  2. Virelai


    I'm a native English speaker, so there's that. I also have learned some French for when I go to grad school, but I am rusty as early last year I didn't have the money to take the next semester and haven't been able to return because of the pandemic and everything. I was taking it from a community college, so I was still pretty much a beginner.
  3. I'm sorry that you went through all of that; thanks, for sharing. I thought your post was very important. You're right: when a child is treated that way and is in an environment where they're taught dysfunctional ways about relationships, for years, it becomes difficult to have to re-teach/re-train themselves as adults about healthy/supportive relationships, behavior, etc.
  4. Virelai

    School Achievements

    I have a Bachelor's Degree. I had a scholarship for playing oboe at the university I got that degree from. I have been on the Dean's and President's lists before. The further into my college years I have got (my adulthood education has been kinda spread out for various reasons), the much better I have done academically.
  5. thecoffeecricket


    What are you all reading, AVEN-folk? 📚

    1. ben8884


      Right now, school stuff history of America and a book on Putin and Russia both for school.

    2. Kimchi Peanut

      Kimchi Peanut

      Fanfiction 😂 I did order a “blind date” with a book which will arrive Wednesday. A surprise secondhand book, a surprise hot drink of some sort (I chose tea or hot chocolate), and a surprise chocolate bar. I’ve never been so excited for a date!

  6. Virelai

    How does family feel about asexuality

    I mean, if that was what my orientation was to come down to, I don't think there'd be too big of a problem with it. My parents have already dealt with me being single for the vast majority of my adult life. Although I do know that my mom really hopes I end up with someone.
  7. Kimchi Peanut

    Anybody else on Archive of Our Own?

    Yup!! But I don’t write, just read.
  8. I usually feel like midnight blue, sometimes feel like ivory color, being surrounded by warm light. And as freedom as pure white!! My English may be strange. I'm using translation software, so I'm sorry.
  9. I can easily sleep 12-16 hours in a day, though I rarely do these days. I’ve been trying to get testing for narcolepsy and hypersomnia for years but all I’ve gotten so far is a home O2 monitor and negative result for sleep apnea which was never even in question. My entire life I was told I was just less energetic than most people and need more sleep to function. It wasn’t until I met my now husband that I had any idea something might be wrong. Even as a kid, I just wanted to spend my free time horizontal or sitting. I’ve been napping during the day since I was a teenager. With my own house and
  10. Virelai

    Phoning whilst on the toilet

    Heck no! That's waayyyy too awkward. Plus, I don't like going to the bathroom around other people.
  11. Tja

    The Banning Game!

    Banned for giving @Glyn a recipe for Cuisses de Grenouilles before he kidnapped @Toads
  12. Obsessed_With_Dragons

    I should have known I was asexual when....

    I should have known I was asexual when I thought that, even if I got married, I would absolutely never want to have biological kids because of sex. Although, in all fairness, part of my logic was just that I could still adopt kids without a home, so I'd be helping others rather than increasing the planet's population.
  13. failing adult

    kind of questioning i guess?????

    I'll start with saying i know this is something no one can answer for me, but i'd appreciate any advice anyone has. i am a cis woman, like yeah? i think but i'm not very connected to the whole woman-y part of it? i wouldn't say i identify as masculine in any capacity, but i would also say i don't identify with femininity in any capacity. Its just not something that's ever been in my mind? and sometimes i'm sitting thinking, am i just questioning my gender for no reason? because i don't think i experience dysphoria?(physical or social) I mean i hate boobs
  14. A User

    Favorite Shopping Sites?

    Amazon Ebay Shopping in person is cooler tho, like @Blue Eyes White Dragon said
  15. Obsessed_With_Dragons

    it's been nearly a year since the virus started taking over our daily lives. how have you changed?

    Positives: I've gotten better at keeping calm in verbal fights, and not taking what other people say to heart. I've decreased my mental reliance on other people. I've stopped viewing my own happiness as the "central life goal," instead deciding to focus on others first. Negatives: My habit of being online instead of doing schoolwork has dramatically increased (as me being here shows, lol). I've started to think way too much about my marginal "problems." I'm still too lazy to actually do anything. I just realized nothing on this list was actually dire
  16. Harmonic turquoise

    Being called by name in a dream?

    I'm transformed into someone else in my dreams, so my name isn't always called. I'm interested in dreams, so this is an interesting question!
  17. gisiebob

    Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

    I know for me personally, if I would be passing judgement on Israel, I would consider it under a secular perspective, and certainly have previously, where I consider it as a nation, without any religious considerations, that simply has religious considerations within it. I personally do not consider how it's interactions with external people and nations have any religious needs, in any direction, and I assume others do likewise.
  18. Writer In The Forest

    Writer In The Forest

    To those who identify as female (or partially female or something, I don't know)... do you have days where you just... feel more feminine than others? Like, I have days where I'm all "I'm going to wear a skirt" and/or "I feel pretty in a distinctly girly way and I'm wearing clothes that accent my feminine features" but then sometimes it's a day where I don't look any lower than my neck in the mirror because there are boobs there and why do I need these again? They're in the way and they're annoying and I don't want to look at them. Don't get me wrong, usually it's neither of these and I'm just chilling and don't care. And it's not a questioning-my-gender type thing either, I'm happy and comfortable identifying as female.


    But sometimes it is like one of those.


    So I guess I'm putting it out there. I've kind of been wondering about this for a while.

    1. GingerRose


      I wouldn't say I feel more "feminine" , but some days I feel the euphoria to put on makeup or dress up fancy for no apparent reason. Makeup isn't an everyday thing for me, so it's nice to have it be on only some occasions when I am really in the mood. But I don't think: "Oh I am going to be more girly today".


      I don't feel the need to make my breasts or hips more visible to the world. Just not my style.

      I see my breasts and hips as a purpose for having a child in the future and I guess attractive for whoever my partner may be, but for me I don't feel everyday excitement in their existence. I don't flounce them or hide them. They are just kind of there.



      I used to think I could be non-binary. But I don't dislike myself as a female and I don't have the want to be something else. I  figure though I am not "proud" in the way of my looks or attitude as a stereotypical female, I have pride in some ways about my female body and abilities. 


      I am cis woman.

  19. 2D dream, I want to see it too. It's very rare, I think. It is also interesting that you remember many dreams.
  20. Blue Eyes White Dragon

    Favorite Shopping Sites?

    Amazon mostly, but I actually prefer shopping in person
  21. I thought I was demisexual a few days before I knew I was ace (I’m demiromantic). Before that I just thought I was gonna live alone and I didn’t have the vocabulary to express myself as Aro. Then I met my best friend and we fell in love and she’s been so supportive of me. She’s the only one who really knows my orientation because it really doesn’t come up other than that I’m in a relationship with a girl so to my family I’m “gay.” edit: I’m 17 and my friend is the first person I’ve been in a relationship with (and it took me years to find out her feelings and mine). I figured all thi
  22. Obsessed_With_Dragons

    Online Popularity

    My mood is somewhat affected. Although I try not to rely on other's opinions of me, this boost is like validation in the form, "Well, it'd be hubristic for me to say I did a good job myself, but all of these other people are saying I did a good job, so maybe I actually did." However, I have fortunately gotten better at not letting other people having a high opinion of me get me to have a high of myself, decreasing the amount of effect that popularity has on my mood.
  23. I managed to get a new job, which has been taking a fair bit of my time for most of it. Other than that, not much has changed.
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