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  2. Duke Memphis

    Transgender Day of Remembrance

    One too many dead just because of something that they have no control of.
  3. Telecaster68

    Fellow Sexuals

    The latter. It's not wrong technically, it's just implying that expecting sex to be part of romance is a 50-50 thing, and sexuals are somehow being obtuse or entitled when they assume it will be. It isn't and they aren't.
  4. People have the right to be insensitive. Forcing your pain on others is wrong in a rapey kind of way. On the flip side, speak your mind, share your feelings and good people will recognize your suffering and help you.
  5. ryn2

    Fellow Sexuals

    I’m not sure I’m following you here. Are you saying most ace people don’t love their partners differently than they love their friends? Or just that - because aces are so comparatively rare - saying “some people” experience romantic love in the absence of sex makes this phenomenon sound more common than it is?
  6. IrishArcher

    The Rules Game

    Rules 1, 3, 4, and 5 were broken. Rules 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 were broken. Mainly rock/indie, but I also like instrumental and some other things depending on my mood. Rules 1, 2, 4, and 5 were broken.
  7. Telecaster68

    Fellow Sexuals

    Agreed. It's just the AVEN 'some', which can give a false equivalence even though it's technically true. Some people get to be president of the USA, some scientists deny climate change. But it's an inaccurate precis to use 'some' in a context that implies it's anything like equal numbers.
  8. ryn2

    Fellow Sexuals

    Maybe a clearer way to look at it is “aces love their partners just as much as/in the same way their partners love them; they just express/communicate their love differently.” That presupposes you agree with the sexual posters here who have described sex as a way they communicate their love.
  9. ryn2

    Fellow Sexuals

    Which makes sense as sexuals are the large majority. It’s not really the terminology that matters, it’s the point that - even if for many sexuals there is nothing but friendship in any relationship where sexual attraction does not exist - asexuals can feel a love different than that which they feel towards their friends for their partners.
  10. ryn2

    Fellow Sexuals

    Yes, exactly. While I totally get it that for some (many, probably people) there is no reason to consider romantic and sexual love separately, they aren’t the same thing in the sense that asexual people are feeling solely friendship for their partners.
  11. Telecaster68

    Fellow Sexuals

    As a general point, I think you'd struggle to find anywhere except asexual discourse where romantic love didn't include sex by default.
  12. anewman

    Fellow Sexuals

    @ryn2, couldn't agree more. Sometimes it's easy to get bogged down in semantics so I find it helps just to think about things as simply as possible. I am one of those whose definition of romance would include sex; my wife isn't. However the relationship as whole is such that it is clear to us both that we love each other in a singular and special way that is, in its most basic characteristics, different to the love we have for other people in our lives. Our sexual mismatch doesn't stop us from understanding this, it only makes it a bit more difficult to imagine the details of how we experience and interpret it.
  13. hopeisnotlost

    Relatable Non-Binary Things

    I would love a non-binary character for some games...
  14. Carson:)


    One of the managers called and asked where I was, she said that one of the other managers told her that they told me that there was a schedule change, but they didn't tell me at all. That's some bullshit. 

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    2. Evren


      That's messed up.  My last day at work was 2 days ago. I'm literally not employed there anymore. But my boss tried to call me in yesterday because she was "desperate". (She's used to me covering for her)

    3. Carson:)


      Yeah, I should try to find another job, I knew they were going to do something dumb like that.

    4. Carson:)


      Wow, that has to be  annoying.

  15. Homer

    Lurker returning.

    Welcome back
  16. Homer

    Coping with an Ace partner.

    Hi and welcome Thank you for signing up and telling us a bit about yourself! It's great to see that you decided to join and to learn more about what's going on. AVEN is a friendly and supportive community with lots of awesome folks from all over the planet. I'm sure you'll like it here! @MichaelTannock has already suggested a good place to start exploring the site. If you want to read a bit about the basics, Questions About Asexuality is the place to go. If you want to have a look at the other side of the equation, you might want to read a bit in Asexual Relationships. Asexual Musings And Rantings is also helpful to read about asexual experiences. My personal experience was a bit different, so I'd be hesitant to see this as a general statement... but then again, I'm not interested in romantic relationships, so it doesn't matter much Feel free to read and roam and if you have a question, ask away! See you around and have some cake:
  17. ryn2

    Fellow Sexuals

    I’m not fond of being pigeonholed either. It’s just that whenever someone mentions romantic love/attraction/etc., you seem to confuse it with the storybook term “romance.” It’s not being in fairytale love with someone; it’s the sense of having a special bond that goes beyond friendship. For some people that has to include sex; for others, it doesn’t. For those where it doesn’t, they still love their partners differently than they do their parents and their friends.
  18. Grimalkin

    Why can't i just accept myself?

    It could be that something is missing in your life and you're trying to fill it with romance. If you don't have a sense of accomplishment or something to take pride in in your life, it's natural to fixate on something like romance as a way to soothe the ache. Often times, to be happy with "who we are," we need to be doing things we can feel genuinely proud of. Hobbies, working out, and volunteering are often a good start that can help us feel more confident with ourselves and less like we need another person in our lives to provide something we're not providing for ourselves. The world around us puts a lot of emphasis on romance, but there's so much more out there to do besides that.
  19. Angry Pepper

    The Banning Game!

    Banned for telling Don Macaroni to "forget about it".
  20. Homer

    *waves* hello!

    Hi and welcome Thank you for signing up and sharing a bit about yourself! Looks like you already made yourself at home on here Personally I like reading real-life stuff more than fiction and the like - biographical books are where it's at for me! There are a few book threads in Just For Fun and if you feel like sharing your own work, Open Mic is the place to go. Feel free to read and explore the site and if you have a question, ask away! I hope you'll enjoy your time on here
  21. Never mind, delete. First post is edited instead.
  22. MichaelTannock

    Aspec but who knows where

    @Nkb019 Welcome to AVEN! You might find this post helpful,
  23. AspieAlly613

    The Rules Game

    What music do you listen to? I'm just asking to be friendly.
  24. AspieAlly613

    The Rules Game

    And it doesn't have anything to do with failing to capitalise "Republican".
  25. AspieAlly613

    The Rules Game

    Alright, I need to rethink this, I didn't follow any rules with that guess.
  26. Homer

    Just say Hi

    Hi and welcome Thank you for signing up and saying Hello! AVEN is a great community with lots of friendly and supportive people from all over the planet. A lot of us will be able to relate to your thoughts and feelings! Personally I'm not a big fan of "labels" one way or the other - the most importat thing is that you're content with who you are and what you feel. You might want to check out Questions About Asexuality, which is a great spot to start exploring the site. Maybe you'll find something that reasonates with you Feel free to read and explore the forums and if you have a question, ask away! See you around and have some cake:
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