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What It Means When Your Teen Says They're Asexual and How to Support Them

jesus dario

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jesus dario

Hello friends, friends, I'm JD. I did some research on what it means when your teenage son claims to be asexual and how to support him. Asexuality has no age. I was asexual when I was 14. I didn't feel attracted to either of the two genders. There are teenagers or young people who are considering asexual is a problem, it is not normal  

Here the link to the article is very interesting, especially for parents of asexuals. 


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Well. As a parent myself, I didn't even open the article to already know, keep an ear open, listen to concerns and don't start laughing about the whole thing. 


Seriously, I do not think it is that hard. Whatever the sprog has for a problem, he does come to me when he has questions, but also knows I am not prying because I feel like it is that important. It isn't. 


Don't get me wrong, but is it so hard to be on your kids side, be that they are coming out to you as gay, bi, ace, aro, trans, anything else? I don't see any difference. 


Be supportive and not be an ass about stuff. And respect boundaries, what's so hard about that? 

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