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IAD: What questions do you have about asexuality?

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Horse Ham Radio

Hi all,


For IAD this year, I would to experiment with something that may be a complete flop, but could also be really cool if it works out.

I want to gather a range of questions or discussion points around asexuality, its intersections, and related topics. On and around the IAD date itself (6th April) I would like to get a bunch of people together to answer the most popular questions from their own perspectives - hopefully producing a useful and modern resource for the most in-demand questions in the process.


I'm hosting the questions via Slido here: https://app.sli.do/event/swS8BvnDHgshAkusmNkWA9/live/questions


For those new to Slido, here's how to use it:



Feel free to submit questions or more general points of discussion. Everything should have some kind of connection to asexuality - a loose connection is okay.


If you would like to be one of the people to contribute answers in April, let me know too as I want to get quite a few people together.


Any queries, let me know! Please share the link and how-to picture in your other ace or ace-ish communities too :)

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Horse Ham Radio

Bumping this as this has been a surprisingly slow burner but there is interest. There is a low level of activity, which is all we really need to get this going :) Keep asking away and voting!

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