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Admod Clarification regarding the definition update and invalidation

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Because of the recent update to the definition of asexuality on the frontpage from 'no attraction' to 'litte to no attraction' a lot of members are worried they will be penalized for using the old definition when giving out information to newbies.


As moderators and admins, we would like to assert that this update to the definition does not change anything in our invalidation policy or its enforcement.


The current invalidation clause is as follows:


2.2b Personal Judgements

Making judgments about other users, especially about the validity of their asexuality, is disallowed. We are here to figure ourselves out, not to put each other in boxes.


This rule also extends to other orientations. On AVEN, the determination of other people's sexual, romantic and gender identities - by any means other than their self-identification - is not permitted. For more information about AVEN's policy on invalidation please see AVEN's policy on invalidation and A message about AVEN's values.

We recommend reading the thread linked to as 'AVEN's policy on invalidation' because it still applies fully.


This means that if you are responding to a newbie looking for information on what asexuality is, you can give the 'no attraction' definition. If they disagree, you cannot insist on your own definition, but you can give reasons for why you prefer your definition, and then leave it up to them to decide which they prefer.


In definition debate threads, you can argue for why you think the 'no attraction' definition is more logical/useful/beneficial, but you cannot insist that it is objectively the correct definition, or that people who use the 'little to no' definition are in any way stupid or malicious.


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