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Research Request: Race and Asexuality

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Hi all, 


We received the following from @TyrPrane:



Hey all,

Relating to the Aces of Color thread, I am also seeing ace being conflated with whiteness. I am a white queer ace and I am working on a project through my Women’s Studies major analyzing how AVEN is predominantly white, exploring how aces of color and black aces navigate AVEN differently than white aces. I am looking to explore the intersections of race and asexuality and am interested in challenging the narrative and common perceptions of ace being conflated with white identity. I am looking to analyze how asexuality has come to be understood in order to uplift counter knowledges through the intersectionality of ace identity. I am hoping to push the conversation around asexuality and identity so that we can better understand how AVEN has operated as a predominantly white space and to think about how AVEN can be a safe(r) space for everyone.


I hoping people, primarily aces of color and black aces, would be interested in going more in depth in this discussion and would consider posting to some or all of these questions, or sharing general experiences of being an ace of color and/or being a black ace and/or how different identities interact with you ace identity.


If anyone would like to email me directly rather than sharing here on the forum, please email me at tyrp2@pdx.edu


What identities do you hold and do you see them interacting with and affecting your ace identity?


Do you see your race and ace identity influencing each other? How do they effect one another? 


If you are a person of color, how is being ace viewed in the communities of color you share identity with?


How is being ace viewed in other communities you share identities with? What are these identities?


What (if any), ace representation do you see and how does this representation make you feel? Do you identify with this representation?


Do you feel different voices are heard differently in this space?


Do you think certain voices hold more power/authority/weight on AVEN?


Have you witnessed power dynamics within the ace community and on AVEN specifically?


What are things that would make you feel more supported in and by AVEN?

This study has been approved in accordance with the rules for class projects. 

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1. I'm not ace except online in AVEN, even amongst Queer friends you get looked on crazy so I just go with the flow and if it gets too awkward I leave so none of my other identities even remember I'm ace. 


2  It's not just my race that affects my ace identity, my main existence does. Extremely few people think anything other than sexual everything is sexual, you're either having same sex or opposite sex nothing like no sex at all. 


3. They don't care really, but they still have their questions and the relationship is awkward for those who are ace and proud.


4. Like I said earlier extremely few are able to hold it in their minds that no sex at all is conceivable so there isn't a representation the representation is no representation. 


5. No. 


6. No. 


7. No. 


8. To know that AVEN exists is already enough support.  

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This may not be a popular response but  if a study were to be done it would probably be found that there are more ace people within certain race and/or ethnic groups than others. Of course  a lot of that may have to do with the fact that a lot of people don't want to admit they are ace because it is cultural taboo. 

I will have to  make time to examine each question you posted and then maybe answer each one in more detail if it seems it makes sense to me or applies to me. 

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