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    • Heart

      Help fund AVEN's servers!   11/06/17

      AVEN is doing its annual fundraiser to raise donations for server costs! See http://www.asexuality.org/en/topic/163251-aven-server-fundraiser/ for more details.  
    • Kelly

      New AVENues Edition: Aces in the Media   01/25/18

      The new edition of AVENues is done!   See:      
    • Kelly

      New Team members Needed--Moderator and Project Team: Voting   03/01/18

      Voting has started. See:   https://www.asexuality.org/en/topic/168600-new-moderator-needed-asexual-relationships-voting/ https://www.asexuality.org/en/topic/168601-new-project-team-member-needed-director-of-social-media-voting/  

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