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This is an index of what was found on asexuality in 2007. Some threads contain links that will give a 404 error or non-found by now, though what's possible is being retrieved with Wayback Machine or further research.

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Biamag (Turkey) - "Aseksüel Kadınlar Örgütleniyor" - 29-Dec-2007

Magazin Kolik (Turkey) - "Hülya Avşar: "SAKİNLEŞTİRİCİ AL SEX YAP!.."" - 29-Nov-2007

La Repubblica (Italy) - "Niente sesso, siamo un movimento" - 27-Nov-2007

The Independent - Review: "Untouched, King's Head, London" - 21-Nov-2007

Hurriyet (Turkey) - "Türk aseksüeller internette buluştu" - 4-Nov-2007

The Edmonton Sun - 1% figure appears in Canadian survey - 2-Nov-2007 (Link to the image doesn't work anymore)

SOK (Turkey) - "Seks diline vurdu" - 20-Oct-2007

Portland State University (?) - "Asexuality, Not Just For Amebas Anymore!" - 20-Oct-2007

Relative Happiness Index - "Physical and Sexual Attraction: Not an Obligation for Love, but a Prerequisite!" - 14-Oct-2007

Sabah (Turkey) - "Şimdi trend seks olmadan mutlu yaşam" - 1-Oct-2007

Hurriyet (Turkey) - "Aseksüel Bundan daha güzel bir sözcük yok benim durumumu anlatan" - 29-Set-2007

Bitch Magazine - "Do Not Want: the asexual revolution gets organized" - 1-Sep-2007 (Link to second discussion about it, call for volunteers and more questions)

Naughty America - "Asexuality: Taking The Ass Out Of Passion" - 28-Aug-2007 (and call for volunteers)

The Toronto Star - "The secret life of Glenn Gould" - 25-Aug-2007

Divine Caroline - "The Three Sexkateers" - 24-Aug-2007

Gay & Lesbian Times San Diego - "Asexuality: beyond the acronyms" - 9-Aug-2007 (link to second discussion about it)

The New Zealand Herald - "No sex please, we're asexual" - 5-Aug-2007

Elle Canada - "A-Sexomatic: Dealing with asexuality" - July 2007 (Link to second and third threads about it) - "Asexuals want out" - 8-May-2007

The Express - "Why can't we accept the fact that Ted Heath just had no interest in sex?" - 26-Apr-2007

Reuniting - "Trend Spotting: Asexuality" - 14-Apr-2007

Magnamags - "Shunning Intimacy" - 11-Apr-2007

MTV News - "Asexual Healing: Young People Forming Sex-Free Community" - 5-Apr-2007 (Link to second mention of it)

ABC News Online - "Abstinence helps the heart grow older" - 26-Feb-2007

Water Cooler - "Expert: A Sexless Marriage Is Not A Marriage" - 23-Feb-2007 - "Asexual support group finds following" - 19-Feb-2007

El Pais (Spain) - "Sexo: Por pure placer" - 18-Feb-2007

APA (American Psychology Association) - "Love's not sex" - February 2007

Advice Columns:

Kinsey Confidential - "Asexuality: Does Lack Of Sexual Attraction Make Someone Asexual?" - 14-Feb-2007

NorthWest Herald - "Dear Dr. Gott" - 20-Jan-2007

Yahoo "Dear Margo" - "Peer Pressure 10; Sex Drive 0" - 5-Jan-2007

Yahoo "Dear Margo" - "To ask or not to ask?" - 4-Jan-2007

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itv - "The Jeremy Kyle Show" - AVENite SuXEed discusses asexuality - 5-Dec-2007

Pro7 (Germany) - "Alles außer Sex" - Season 2 episode 8 "Alles außer Männern" features an asexual character - 4-Aug-2007

A&E - Matchmaker show - Was an asexual person featured? - 2-Aug-2007

Dr Phil talks to a woman who may be asexual - 19-Jun-2007 (video not available, but there's a summary - Link to second discussion)

Channel 4 - "Desperate Virgins" (Is Alan asexual?) - 22-May-2007

Channel 4 - "Virgin School" (Is James asexual?) - 15-May-2007

MTV News - "Young and Asexual" - 5-Apr-2007

Channel 4 - Documentary "Eunuchs" interviews an asexual - 3-Apr-2007 (link to second discussion about it)

"Scrubs" - Season 6 Episode 6: "My musical" - 18-Jan-2007

CBS - "The Montel Williams Show" - 4-Jan-2007 (Link to second and third discussion about it)

Transcripts of the interviews with Dr Joy Davidson from Montel

Parker Posey's "Broken English" - Is Nora asexual? - 2007

"I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry" mentions asexuality - 2007

Hairspray - Is Wilbur Turnblad demisexual (or otherwise on the asexual spectrum)? - 2007


BBC Woman's hour and Radio Newcastle - "Living without sex" discusses platonic relationships - 11-Sep-2007 and 2-Nov-2007 (the audio file doesn't work well)

Radio New Zealand National - "Nine to Noon" - 8-Feb-2007

Literature/Short Essays:


Archives of Sexual Behaviour - Prause & Graham - "Asexuality: Classification and Characterization" - June 2007 (Link to second thread about it)

Gail A Knudson, Lori A Brotto, Jess Inskip - "Understanding asexuality: Sexual characteristics and personality profiles of asexual men and women" at the 1st World Congress for Sexual Health - 15/19-Apr-2007

Ingudomnukul, E., Baron-Cohen, S., Wheelwright, S., & Knickmeyer, R. - ""Elevated rates of testosterone-related disorders in women with autism spectrum conditions" - 2007


Todd Murphy's "Sex and states of consciousness" - 24-Apr-2007

Manchán Magan's "A Journey Through India" - 2007


Nick Huntingdon's "Untouched: A Sexual Encounter" - theatre play in London about asexuality - 13-Nov-2007

Iain Banks - "The Steep Approach to Garbadale" - 1-Mar-2007

Paul Parsons - "The Science of Doctor Who" - 1-Jan-2007

Ian McEwan - "On Chesil Beach" - 2007 (Link to second discussion about it)

Elizabeth Bear - "Jacob's Ladder" - 2007

Alex Sanchez - "The God Box" - 2007

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