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WorldPride 2014 Master Post

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Hello and welcome to the masterpost of links for WorldPride 2014!! Here, you'll find all the threads in this forum for coordinating the specifics, as listed below, and then a few useful off-site links and social media. If you're interested in getting involved, scroll right to the bottom for instructions on how to do so! As a final note, PM me, michaeld or Robin L, or comment if there is anything we should add to this. Thanks!

AVEN Threads

General Welcome Thread: Here is the welcome thread! There are some important dates in the main post. Much of the rest of discussion is happening in the following other links though.

Register your interest: If you are thinking of going to WorldPride, throw in a post here with your name and the country you hail from (if you feel comfortable telling us of course)! No commitment required, but this post has a list of all members potentially interested, so check it out. We'll be using this to send PMs with whatever we deem is important your way.

Here is the place to go for helpful links for hotels, hostels, and a variety of other options in a variety of price brackets.
Post here if you live in the Toronto area and might be willing to have AVENites stay on a couch, on a spare section of floor, or even a spare bed. Go here also to look for such couch-surfing opportunities :)

If you are interested in forming a group and all getting an apartment instead of a hotel or hostel room, check out this thread.

Master Travel Post: This will have information mostly about flights and international travel, including how to get a visa and what the entry rules and requirements are.

Travelling to/from the Toronto Airport: Post here if you can offer a ride to someone flying in/out of Toronto, or if you would like a ride to/from the airport.
Carpooling on a more long distance scale here and here.

Group Discount Masterpost - This has details about group discounts for both travel and accommodation. February's flight discount thread is here, for if you can commit this month and want to coordinate discounts.

A thread for the Europeans that are coming all the way over to join us!

If you're coming from another country, make sure to check out this travel insurance thread.

Fun Things to Do in Toronto During WP:
Here is a thread where were brainstorming fun things to do in Toronto while you're there! Whether you are a tourist or a native, here is where you can brainstorm nice things to do outside of the Pride events. Off-A things be found here :)
Anyone interested in baseball and possibly going to a game while in Toronto, JJButterworth is thinking about group discounts!
Also, a free hugs group may be forming ;)

Outreach, Media and Promotional Material Work in Progress:
Here's the playground for creating media material! We're focusing on a poster right now, but if you have suggestions for any other promotional material, this may be a good place to voice them!
Some of our very own AVENites have been invited to give a talk at the WorldPride Human Rights Conference! This is NOT the Asexual Conference that we are planning, but check it out if you might be interested in going anyways.

A thread for pondering about possible fundraising using bracelets, or just general ace accessories. Note that we can't hand them out at the parade, but we can still discuss making accessories for other purposes!

The list of social media stuff that we've got going on is here.

Help us think of outreach opportunities here please!

April Media and Promotional Materials threads:

Pamphlet designs are being talked about here.

And the all-important banner design and considerations are here.

Extra Considerations:

Here is a thread to inquire about the possible need for a sign-language interpreter for the conference.

We are also trying to assess the desire for having a safe space for people of colour at the conference. Here is the thread in which that is happening. Alternatively, or possibly on top of that, there has been proposed a break away room for discussions about intersectionality and asexuality, here.

Off-Site Links

First of all, here's the official Toronto World Pride event website. This site will list event details and dates for the entire organization, beyond just asexuality.

Also, don't forget to check out our social media!





For more about which tags to use in your tweets and such details, try visiting this thread.

We are also in the process of coordinating a web page specifically for the asexual contingent to WorldPride. There will be an asexual conference and all sorts of other goodies, so stay tuned! I'll post the link here as soon as we have it up and running.

Existing promotional material:

Our wonderful project team has compiled all the videos from last the last Asexual Conference, held during the last WorldPride in London. See this thread for the complete list (or go straight to the youtube channel for AVEN's Project Team), including Nat Titman's talk at the last WorldPride event in 2012 in London, an incredibly well-done recounting of the early history of the asexual community, well worth the watch. There is also the Visibility and Activism panel, International panel, research panel and even a talk by our very own David Jay!! All very good watches, I highly recommend them.

Getting Involved

Next step: If you want to join in the planning committee, please PM michaeld or Robin L. Send them your skype name and they'll add you to the conversation! If you're having trouble, check out this thread.

Also, you can email wp2014@asexuality.org for more information or if you need help!
See you there!!!

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