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Register your interest for WorldPride 2014!


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This thread is for everyone to register their interest in attending WorldPride 2014 in Toronto. Main dates are 28-29 June 2014 (but see this thread for a slightly more detailed plan).

No commitment obviously! Show of hands please!! If you might come or just wish to register your interest in coming, please make a post to this thread, giving the country you're located in if it isn't obvious from your profile! (If you don't mind sharing, that is...)

To officially register for the International Asexual Conference, please fill out the registration form.

I'll start! My name is michaeld. I live in the UK and I'm interested in coming to WorldPride 2014. *adds own name below*

List of people who are interested in attending WorldPride 2014:

  • michaeld (UK)
  • Tea (USA)
  • amygdala (Canada)
  • +Pookzar (Canada)
  • Kilo (Canada)
  • Turqoise (Canada)
  • Coleslaw (Canada)
  • Strivna (USA)
  • +Lee (USA)
  • Megalopsycha (USA)
  • The Scrabbler (USA)
  • Foxz (Canada)
  • Qutenkuddly (Canada)
  • Panacea (USA)
  • Zash (Canada)
  • Imp (USA)
  • Captain Darkhorse (USA)
  • Wolf.star (USA)
  • ClowdStrife (USA)
  • Lord Happy Toast (USA)
  • EverBeam (Canada)
  • BangheeraGirl (USA)
  • ThaHoward (Norway)
  • Ballore (Canada)
  • Queer As Cat (Japan)
  • Ninny (UK)
  • Chanter (USA)
  • Cyrix (UK)
  • PolackLibrarian (USA)
  • Garin (Canada)
  • Xandra (USA)
  • mrmechko (USA)
  • The Great WTF (USA)
  • starrynight (USA)
  • Cyfyndyfy (USA)
  • Oxalis (USA)
  • revoltedrequiem (USA)
  • JJButterworth (Canada)
  • katelynntheresa (Canada)
  • Laeti (Mexico)
  • GreyelvenRanger (USA)
  • sparky_arb (Canada)
  • Mr No (UK)
  • Cleander (USA)
  • GardenLove (USA)
  • Arca nine Huggles
  • Tordeida (USA)
  • msrosalindtang (USA)
  • Chozo (Australia)
  • yet-intrepid (Canada)
  • ashleymwall (Canada)
  • jardin (USA)
  • Littlemissparadox (Canada)
  • Kcamp1998 (USA)
  • Apfii (Canada)
  • Shadowsax (USA)
  • Cool Beans (Canada)
  • ChocoboFFA (USA)
  • ruletheworld (Germany)
  • canguy (Canada)
  • Chloe (seaalien) (Canada)
  • Lindsay (Bhuvana) (USA)
  • Xavy
  • VanHelsing
  • Ser Sara (USA)
  • gemini20176 (USA)
  • Jesse (MorganaPendragon) (USA)
  • Heart (Canada)
  • ithaca (Italy)
  • Tenebre (USA) (maybe)
  • eee (Canada)
  • PurpleKoolaid (Canada)
  • AlGorithm (USA)
  • avn (USA)
  • FOXracingfan (USA)
  • dinguscopout (USA)
  • vivienne38 (Germany)
  • Kelly (USA)
  • aceaceboebace
  • keeks (UK)
  • Dedication (USA)
  • Cottongrass
  • tommy92 (Germany)
  • Capius (USA)
  • sunmarsh (USA)
  • Zane1817 (USA)
  • Lauren+Bear (USA)
  • Wheo (USA)
  • MrKlein7 (USA)
  • Coloratura (USA)
  • Lyshaaaaa (Canada)
  • EllaChinoise (Canada)
  • squishward (USA)
  • GirlyGirl (Canada)
  • KatahK (Canada)
  • VickiLeigh (Sam) (Canada)
  • gabzo (Canada)
  • Meggerrsss (Canada)
  • notestoself (Canada)
  • Veryfairygirl14 (USA)
  • Graysen. (Canada)
  • kassafrass (Canada)
  • Alfred_Juumonji (Canada)
  • palejade (Canada)
  • oBreeze (Canada)
  • Torraed (USA)
  • k.j.21 (USA)
  • browning22 (USA)
  • farron (Canada)
  • bijoux (USA)
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Kisa needs a latte

*raises hand*


I'm Tea and I'm in the US

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I'm definitely interested, but don't know for certain whether I'll be able to make it there. At the very least, I intend to try.

(Kilo, Manitoba, Canada.)

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I'm Strivna, I'm coming from South Canada the US if I can get my passport before then, and, for the sake of WP, I like trains.

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Hey, even though I don't ID as ace anymore, I'd like to hang with everyone :) So add me as an interested party.

Just have some setbacks, like I need to see if I can get a passport, see if I'm able to dive up there, and I need someplace to stay.

Hopefully will bring my GF with me too :3

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The Scrabbler

I'm definitely interested, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it happen. It's 2 weeks before I'm planning to spend much money at Connecticon, so I'd have to get pretty cheap lodging. If I can make it, I'll be taking the train for Delaware, USA

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Kisa needs a latte

*updates the list*

Eeek, I'm so excited

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If I can book the time off, I'll be there.

Qutenkuddly from Canada

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If I can save enough money, count me in!

Quinn from Edmonds, Washington/Colorado Springs, Colorado. USA.

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Captain Darkhorse

Oh man. If I can get my passport, save enough, and book the time off, I'll come for sure!! All three have to happen, but I'll try!

From the States a Darkhorse will come (hopefully)!

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I'd love to come if I can. Spring quarter lets out on the 12th, so I should be free. I'm not sure if i can make it, though. Airfare, train rates, and hotel rates tend to skyrocket around June.

Wolf, by the way, and I'm in the USA.

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If I can get my passport, then by hell or high water I shall be there!

Nathan (lehigh valley)Pennsylvania, USA

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I may go to North America during that time actually. So I'll see, would be fun.

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I will potentially be moving to Toronto around that time, but whether or not that happens, I am very interested in attending!

I'm from BC, Canada.

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i'd love to go, but at this point my vacation time is a mystery so it may very well be a total no-go. i'd be coming from Japan if i do make it to the event.

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*waves* I'm Chanter, I'm in the States, and I'm interested in making it to World Pride. The question is, can I a) get time off from work and b) find a way of getting there? I might have to fly, as I don't drive, although if local folks carpool or something, it's honestly not such a terribly long journey if we go via Detroit and Windsor... hmm. :)

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I'm hoping to make it! I'm from the US, but I live just outside Buffalo, so I'm hoping to make it up for a day trip since it is only about two hours away!

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