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This is an index of what was found on asexuality in 2005. Some threads contain links that will give a 404 error or non-found by now though what's possible is being retrieved with Wayback Machine or further research.

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Atlanta Creating Loafing - "Youth gone wild" - 21-Dec-2005
Salon - "Living Single" - 14-Dec-2005
Cosmopolitan - "GUYS' SEX DRIVE---The Dirty Little Bedroom Secret Nobody Wants To Talk About." - December 2005 (no link to the article)
About.com - Divorce Support - "Asexuality and Marriage" - "Asexual or Madonna/Whore Complex?" - 19-Nov-2005
Gurl.com - Fast Facts: "Asexuality" - 12-Nov-2005 (Link to second discussion)
DinSide (Norway) - "Er du mann eller mus?" - 11-Nov-2005
The American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists - "Asexuality gets more attention, but is it a sexual orientation?" - November 2005
Ellegirl - "No sex, please" - November 2005
InsideBayArea - The Wakland Tribune - "Not everyone has to have it. Not everyone even wants it" - 21-Oct-2005
Psychologies Magazine - "Pourquoi les hommes perdent le désir" (translated into English) - October 2005
The Telegraph - "Women bypass sex in favour of 'instant pregnancies'" - 25-Sep-2005
Health Magazine - "5 minutes with...An avowed asexual" (Interview with David Jay) - 16-Sep-2005
h2g2 - "Asexuality" - 2-Sep-2005 (link to second discussion about it)
Jutarnji list - "Sex? No, thanks." - 23-Aug-2005
cbs2 Chicago - "No sex? No problem!" - 15-Aug-2005
Aftonbladet (Sweden) - "Sex - nej tack" -12-Aug-2005
KYW - Article about asexuality after Channel 3's interview - 7-Aug-2005
Metro (Sweden) - Unknown title - 5-Aug-2005 (no link to the article)
Sydney Morning Herald - "The power of none" - 23-Jul-2005
Sydney Morning Herald - "Futuristic freak show has lost its asexual appeal" - 21-Jul-2005
South China Morning Post (Hong Kong) - "Life without a sex drive is the norm for a small group of increasing vocal asexual people” - 16-Jul-2005 (questions discussed before the article was published)
The Daily Northwestern - "Asexuality removes awkwardness of dating" - 14-Jul-2005
Times Leader - "For small part of the population, neither opposite nor same attracts" - 10-Jul-2005
The Star - "The joy of no sex" - 8-Jul-2005
Cybersocket - "Not any night, dear" - July 2005
Cosmopolitan mentions asexuality - July 2005
Tampa Bay Times - Unknown title - 25-Jun-2005 (link to the article doesn't work anymore)
San Francisco Bay Guardian - "Asexy New Friends" - 22-Jun-2005
The Spectator - "Just saying no is easy; Asexuals live their lives happily without having -- or wanting -- sex" - 22-Jun-2005
Slate - "Asexuals are coming out of the closet." - 11-Jun-2005
AZCentral.com - "For asexuals, just saying no is easy" - 10-Jun-2005
New York Times - "For Them, Just Saying No Is Easy" - 9-Jun-2005 (Link to second discussion about it)
Kansas City Star - "When birds don’t flock and bees don’t buzz" - 8-Jun-2005
Việt Báo (Vietnam) - "Hiện tượng dị ứng với quan hệ tình dục" - 8-Jun-2005
The Onion - "Date Disastrously Bypasses Physical Intimacy, Goes Straight To Emotional Intimacy" - 1-Jun-2005
China Daily - "Love wins out over sex, scientists say" - 1-Jun-2005
Live Science - "Love More Powerful than Sex, Study Claims" - 31-May-2005
New York Times - "Watching New Love as It Sears the Brain" - 31-May-2005
Philadelphia Inquirer - "Asexuals' assertion: No one turns them on" - 30-May-2005 (Link to second discussion about it)
Times Union - "Asexual Evolution" - 29-May-2005
Salon - "Asexual and proud!" - 26-May-2005 (Link to second discussion about it)
Daily Telegraph - "Taking the Pill may lead to permanent loss of sex drive" - 26-May-2005
About.com - Health & Fitness - Woman's health: "Perfectly Normal: Living and Loving with Low Libido" - 16-May-2005
Montreal Gazette - "No sex, please" - 9-May-2005
Cosmopolitan (UK) - Unknown title - May 2005
handbag.com - "Asexuality" - 29-Apr-2005
NEON Magazine - Unknown title - 26-Apr-2005 (there is no link to the article)
Drake Magazine - "I dont want your sex" - 21-Apr-2005
MSN.com - "No sex, please!" - 18-Apr-2005
The Age - "When sex isn't on the menu" - 16-Apr-2005
Sydney Morning Herald - "No sex please, I'm not into it" - 16-Apr-2005 (link to call for interview)
Pepper Plug - Unknown title - 11-Apr-2005 (there is no link to the article)
Chicago Tribunes - The RedEye - "The Asexuals" - 8-Apr-2005
Glossy News - "Chess Club Rallies Behind Abstinence Ed. Program" - 7-Apr-2005
Daily Targum (Rutgers University student newspaper) - "The Ineffables" - 5-Apr-2005
JSCMS Columbia News Service - "Asexuals seek a path to love" - 5-Apr-2005
The Guardian - "Japan's virgin wives turn to sex volunteers" - 4-Apr-2005
Utne - "Asexual Healing" - March/April 2005
Pravda - "Asexuals, new type of sexual minority, to conquer the world" - 18-Mar-2005
The Times - "Not tonight, dear. In fact, not ever... I’m asexual" - 17-Mar-2005
SomethingCool - "The UnGeneration" - 14-Mar-2005
Penthouse Magazine - "Asexual Sex - An Endless Medical Exam" - March 2005 issue (there is no link to the article)
Rodeo (Sweden) - "Asexual Revolution" - 20-Feb-2005 (there is no link to the article)
Q Notes - Interview with Paula Poundstone (who may be asexual) - 26-Feb-2005 (there is no link to the article)
The Times - "Shhhh, not in front of the scientists. How sex became unmentionable" - 14-Feb-2005
The Big Issue - Wales, South-West England and North England - Unknown title - 14-20th-Feb-2005 (there is no link to the article)
Woman magazine - Unknown title - 8-Feb-2005 (there is no link to the article)
National Geographic News - ""Libido Meter" May Be First True Sexual-Arousal Gauge" - 7-Feb-2005
Gay People's Chronicle - "LGBT equal rights bill is reintroduced in Ohio House" - 4-Feb-2005
Sex Herald - "A-Sexual Healing - Asexuality in America" - 2-Feb-2005
Jane Magazine - Interview to AVENites - February 2005 issue (there is no link to the article)
The Age - "SpongeBob is asexual, says creator" - 28-Jan-2005 (link to second thread about it)
Ubyssey - UBC's student newspaper - "Asexuality" - 28-Jan-2005 (Link to second discussion about it)
Veja - Unknown title - 27-Jan-2005 (there is no link to the article)
SammonSays - "Asexuality: No Sex as Good as Sex?" - 22-Jan-2005
CNN - "Christians issue gay warning on SpongeBob video" - 21-Jan-2005
B.T. - "Some like it hot, Some like it not" - 13-Jan-2005
Courrier International - "Libido au-dessous de zéro - Asexuels et fiers de l’être" - 13-Jan-2005
Y-net-Singles (Israel) - "Trend: Saying no to sex" - 9-Jan-2005

Advice Columns:
Annie's Mailbox on The Korea Herald, The Omaha World Herald, and Creators.com - 13-Dec-2005
Dr. Joyce Brothers - "'Asexual' as an alternative lifestyle is still a new concept" - 10-Nov-2005
Savage Love - "How can I tell if I'm asexual?" - 7-Sep-2005 (second link)
San Francisco Bay Guardian - "Feeling A, OK?" - 5-Aug-2005
Savage Love - "Savage Love Web Extra" - 22-Jun-2005
Boston Globe - Ask Beth: "Still waiting for her first crush" - 12-May-2005
The Times - "Sex with Dr Thomas Stuttaford and Suzi Godson" - 23-Apr-2005
Psychology Today - "Is asexuality wrong?" - 22-Apr-2005
SexualHealth.com - Question on rejection and Asperger's - 26-Mar-2005
San Francisco Bay Guardian Alt-Sex column - A-OK - 3-Mar-2005
Playboy - Mention in the Q&A section - March 2005 issue (there is no link to the column)

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BBC - Timewatch documentary: asexuality mentioned in "Inside the Mind of Adolf Hitler" - 25-Nov-2005

VH1 - "Breaking Bonaduce": Gretchen is not into sex - 14-Nov-2005

Howard Stern interviews Playboy centerfold who has no sex drive - October 2005

CBS Boston - News piece about asexuality - 29-Sept-2005

WFMY News 2 - "Asexual couples on the rise" - 24-Sep-2005

The West Wing - Season 7 - Janeane Garofalo describes her character as asexual - 28-Aug-2005

WTOL features asexuality - 18-Aug-2005

Channel 3 - Eyewitness News - David Jay, Cate Perfect and Liver talk about asexuality - 4-Aug-2005 (link to second discussion)

Slice - Sexual Secrets - 20-Jun-2005

KRON4 - Interview to an asexual student - 17-Jun-2005

Big Brother 2005 (UK) - Craig says he's asexual - 10-Jun-2005

VH1 - AVEN T-shirt and logo worn by someone close to Madonna - 16-May-2005

SexTV - Season 7, Episode 11: "Asexuals" - 12-May-2005

ITV - "Loose Women" mentions asexuality - 28-Apr-2005

Life Network - "Sexual Secrets" - 30-Jan-2005


BBC Radio 1 answers a question on asexuality - 13-Jul-2005

CBC Radio One - "The Current" discusses asexuality and interviews David Jay - 6-Jun-2005

Radio Canada - "L'asexualité" - 30-May-2005

Danish radio station DR P1 - Show for youth on alternative relationships interviews asexuals - 22-Mar-2005

Radio 2 - Steve Wright mentions asexuality - 1-Mar-2005

KDHX - Living OUT Loud "Asexuality: The Mystery Revealed" - 2-Feb-2005 (link to the program doesn't work anymore)

Literature/Short Essays


Nick Levinson's "For Men Only: Asexuality" on So to Speak (feminist magazine) - 17-Dec-2005

Mitzi Szereto - "The World's Best Sex Writing 2005" - 8-Nov-2005

VivreEstEsperer's essay about AVEN and asexuality - "Finding my way" - 2-Nov-2005

Travis Seppala's "Asexuality" - long version - short version - 17-Oct-2005

Russ Kick - "Everything You Know About Sex Is Wrong" - 1-Oct-2005 (Link to second mention)

David Jay's "Why Asexual Relationships Matter" - Part 1: Sex Drive - Part 2: Sex is like Steroids - Part 3: Science Fiction - 26-Sep-2005 (plus feedback poll)

Jonathan Coe's "Like A Fiery Elephant: The Story of B.S. Johnson" - 17-Jun-2005

Shari L. Thurer's "The End Of Gender: A Psychological Autopsy" - 16-Jun-2005

Shain Neumeier and Jennifer Lee's research - "Human asexuality" - 3-May-2005

Katrina Rix's paper on asexuality - 3-Mar-2005

Harper Jean Tobin's "Trans Asexuality" -17-Jan-2005

Sandra Pertot - "Perfectly Normal: Living and Loving with Low Libido" - 13-Jan-2005 (Link to second mention of it)

Conrad Phillip Kottak's "Mirror For Humanity: A Concise Introduction to Cultural Anthropology" - 2005


Alexander McCall Smith's "44 Scotland Street" - June 2005

Chris Roberson's "Here, There & Everywhere" - 30-Apr-2005

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Test on OkCupid has "asexual" as an answer - 7-Dec-2005

Discussion on asexual songs - 26-Sep-2005

A-Fuel - The first energy drink made just for asexuals - 2-Nov-2005

YouThink.com - Quiz "Are you asexual?" - 13-Oct-2005

Was Marlene Dietrich asexual? - 13-Oct-2005

Shivers' furry poll includes asexuality - 28-Sep-2005 (picture not available anymore)

Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations (UUA) - Page on Asexuality 101 - 25-Sep-2005 (links to second and third threads about it)

Encyclopedia Dramatica's page on Asexuality - 23-Aug-2005

Leonardo Da Vinci's quote about sex - 20-Aug-2005

Wikipedia's page on Asexuality as of 14-Jul-2005

Encyclopedia Labor Law Talk - Page on "Asexual" - 19-Jun-2005

Many websites link to AVEN - 14-Jun-2005

CBC NewsWorld - Segment about a million unmarried Canadians - 8-Jun-2005

Spokane mayor Jim West describes himself as asexual - 29-Mar-2005

Was Jackson Pollock asexual? - 23-Mar-2005

Was H.P. Lovecraft asexual? - 6-Mar-2005

Philip Norman's "Shout! The Beatles in Their Generation" mentions that the Washington Post called The Beatles "asexual" - 15-Feb-2005

Wikipedia - English, French and Dutch pages on asexuality as of 1-Feb-2005

FHM - Terri Hatcher says she had no sex in 4 years - 26-Jan-2005

Seventeen - Matt LeBlanc says he'd like an asexual guy for his daughter - 5-Jan-2005

The Kinsey Institute website contacted to add a link to AVEN - 5-Jan-2005

"Psychology of Gender" indicates bisexuality as least known and least researched sexual orientation - 2005

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