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Academic Articles - Eight of them!


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So, today the academic journal "Psychology and Sexuality" released a special asexuality themed issue, with eight new articles about asexuality.

Originals can be found here, if you have access: http://www.tandfonline.com/action/showAxaArticles?journalCode=rpse20

Summaries can be found here: http://ace-muslim.tumblr.com/tagged/asexuality-special-theme-issue

One particular factoid from these findings that stood out was a bit from a paper about mental health in asexuals as compared to heterosexuals and non-heterosexuals (lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, etc.):

[among white asexuals] Results from BSI Item 9 revealed that 26% of asexual individuals had some suicidal feel-ings in the past two weeks, compared to 24% of non-heterosexual individuals and 12% of heterosexual individuals.

(in general, the study found that in terms of mental distress, asexuals were largely similar to other non-heterosexual orientations.)

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