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This is an index of what was found on asexuality in 2004. Some threads contain links that will give a 404 error or non-found by now though what's possible is being retrieved with Wayback Machine or further research.

It's easy to notice that the biggest event in 2004 was the New Scientist article published on October 14th, which generated a huge reaction from the media in the rest of the world.

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Details (men magazine) - "The Asexual Revolution" - December 2004 Issue (link to call for interview)
Dagbladet (Norway) - Editorial - 26-Dec-2004
The Independent - "Sing if you're glad to be `A'" - 19-Dec-2004
sfgb - Alt Sex Column - "A-OK" - 14-Dec-2004
Times Online - "No sex please, I'm asexual" - 5-Dec-2004
Avanova - "No sex please, we're Japanese" - 1-Dec-2004
Pravda (Russia) - "The mystic power of Color" (beige is an asexual color) - 27-Nov-2004
TIME Magazine - "A fantasy you can bring home to mother" - 22-Nov-2004
The Observer - "Ben 'the new Bridget' Jones? He's a geek or a freak or both" - 20-Nov-2004
Several Newspapers - Chuck Shepherd's "News of the weird" - 20-Nov-2004
PrideSource - "Parting Glances: All pee, no passion" - 18-Nov-2004
The Observer - "Tangled up in the Blue" - 14-Nov-2004
Lucy Martinez's response-letter to the New Scientist article - "Tyranny of Sex" - 11-Nov-2004
SGBOY - "A is for Asexuality" - 10-Nov-2004
The New York Times - "Long After Kinsey, Only the Brave Study Sex" - 9-Nov-2004
Brockpress - "Asexuals just not interested" - 2-Nov-2004
The Times - "In the professional press" - 2-Nov-2004
durham21 - "A sex thing" - 2-Nov-2004
Sydney Star Observer - "The asexual revolution" 28-Oct-2004
Third Sector - "Communications News: Publicity sees asexual group members triple" - 27-Oct-2004
Wired - "Sex is out, consuming is in" - 27-Oct-2004
The Warwick Boar - "Swinging neither way" - 26-Oct-2004
Sydney's Morning Herald - "Be it vice or virtue, sex is over-rated" - 25-Oct-2004
SF Gate (San Francisco Chronicle) - "The Revolution will not be Sexualised!" - 24-Oct-2004
The Herald - "Sex is what other people do. I'm just glad to be A; A recent study has pointed to a growing asexual scene. Peter MacKenzie is one of the Scots leading the way" - 22-Oct-2004
Australian news - Article on Rod Stewart - 20-Oct-2004 (link to the article is not active anymore)
The Daily Show (web-only area) - "Asexual Revolution" - 19-Oct-2004
Hindustan Times - "Sorry, not interested" - 18-Oct-2004
The UK Telegraph - Article on asexuality - 18-Oct-2004 (link to the article is not active anymore)
The Observer - "Sex makes you look a fool" - 17-Oct-2004
PathFinder - Ασεξουαλικότητα, η νέα επανάσταση; - 16-Oct-2004
CNN - "Study: One in 100 adults asexual" - 15-Oct-2004 (related poll's results)
The Sun - "Now it's joy of NO sex" - 15-Oct-2004
The Guardian - "Say it loud, 'A' and proud" - 15-Oct-2004
The Guardian's front page - "No sex please, we're asexual" - 14-Oct-2004
The Scotsman - "Sex? No thanks" - 14-Oct-2004
BBC News - "Promiscuous 10% 'fuel sex crisis'" - 14-Oct-2004
Australian news - "One per cent of adults 'asexual'" - 14-Oct-2004
Ex-Gay Watch - "Science Study Boosts Asexual Pride Movement" - 14-Oct-2004
The Independent - "Coming out, loud and proud: meet the people who say sex is an alien concept" - 14-Oct-2004
New Scientist - "Glad to be asexual" - 14-Oct-2004 and first reactions from worldwide press
Salon - "Girlfriends are the new husbands" - 4-Oct-2004
Salt Lake City Weekly - Unknown title - 15-Sep-2004 (link to the article is not active anymore)
The South End Weekly - "‘Pansexuals’ define a ‘different’ type of sexuality" - 13-Sep-2004
Cleo Magazine - Kez's story - 13-Aug-2004
Canoe - "Asexual: sexual anorexics" - 28-Jul-2004
The loop by Sympatico - Article on new drug for women with low libido - 30-Jun-2004 (link to the article is not active anymore)
World History on asexuality (former Wiki page) - 12-Jun-2004
Health Advance - Article on sexuality in fetuses - 24-May-2004 (link to the article is not active anymore)
Article on Ananova news - 18-May-2004 (link to the article is not active anymore)
MIT Technology Review - "Robot sex" - 5-May-2004
Salon - "The pop star who hated sex" - 30-Apr-2004
RaptureReady - "The Post Rapture SURVIVAL GUIDE" - 20-Apr-2004
BBC News - "Coming soon: The smut-free DVD" - 8-Apr-2004
YesPortal - "Let's Talk About 'Asexuality'" - 18-Mar-2004
Sex News Daily - "Asexuals of the world unite!" - 17-Mar-2004
SEE and VIEW magazines, HOUR Community - My Messy Bedroom/No sex please. - 11-Mar-2004
Indiana Observer - Article mentions asexuality - 20-Feb-2004 (link to the article is not active anymore)
Various articles on Valentine's Day - 14-Feb-2004 (some links are not active)
The Economist - "The science of love: I get a kick out of you" - 12-Feb-2004
Punk Planet Magazine - "Early to Bed" - Issue #65 Jan/Feb 2004 (there's no link to the article)
RainbowNetwork News - Article on sexless relationships - 22-Jan-2004 (link to the article is not active anymore)
CelebrateFriendship.org - Article on Frodo and Merry's friendship - 21-Jan-2004 (link to the article is not active anymore)
The Washington Post - "Partway Gay?; For Some Teen Girls, Sexual Preference Is A Shifting Concept" - 4-Jan-2004

Advice Columns:
Slate - "Dear Prudence" - 31-Dec-2004
The Onion - Dan Savage's column - 18-Oct-2004
PlanetOut - From "Ask Betty" - 20-Mar-2004
Annie's Mailbox - Reference to asexuality and AVEN - 20-Mar-2004

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cijay interviewed by Edmonton's local TV - 3-Dec-2004

"This Hour Has 22 Minutes" mentions asexuality on CBC - 16-Oct-2004

"The Sex Files" on Discovery Channel - 2-Oct-2004

"Finding Neverland" - 4-Sep-2004

"Bright Pants, Big City" on Comedy Central - Bonnie McFarlane mentions asexuality - 24-Aug-2004

Queer Nation (NZ) - Segment on asexuality - 31-Jul-2004

Six Feet Under - Arthur, played by Rainn Wilson, is described as "A" - 28-Jun-2004

The Late Late Show With Craig Kilborn - Morrissey should have been interviewed - 24-May-2004

"Garcon Stupide" - 10-Mar-2004

New Zealand - TV One gives "asexual" option for sexuality - 24-Feb-2004

20/20 on ABC - "Special on sexual dysfunction and women" - 20-Feb-2004

Ryan Shiraki's "Freshman Orientation" (aka "Home of Phobia") mentions asexuality - 2004


BBC RadioWM (West Midlands) - Mention of asexuality - 19-Dec-2004

NPR - "All Things Considered" - Mention of J.M. Barrie being asexual - 14-Nov-2004

Triple J Radio in Australia - "HAC" talks about asexuality - 27-Oct-2004

ABC Radio News - Mention of asexuality - 15-Oct-2004

Rush Limbaugh program on radio mentions asexuality - 15-Oct-2004

BBC Radio 5 live - Bannister interviews Kensta and Anthony Bogaert - 14 Oct 2004 (link to second mention)

Toronto Radio "The Edge" 102.1 - Asexuality mentioned - 16-Jun-2004

AirAmericaRadio - Janeane Garofalo calls herself asexual - 16-May-2004 (links in the thread don't work anymore)

Literature/Short Essays


The Journal of Sex Research - Anthony Bogaert - "Asexuality: Prevalence and associated factors in a national probability sample" - 2004 (Link to second discussion about it)

Andres-Hyman, Raquel, et al. - "Ethnicity and Sexual Orientation as PTSD Mitigators in Child Sexual Abuse Survivors" - Journal of Family Violence, vol 19, no. 5 - October 2004

Hamilton, M. A. and Strizhakova, Y. - "Homosexuality and Homophobia: Toward a Causal Model of Asexuality" - 2004

Current Directions In Psychological Science - Lisa Diamond - "Emerging Perspectives on Distinctions Between Romantic Love and Sexual Desire" - 2004


charlotty's and other AVENites' discussion on dissertations on asexuality - 12-Jun-2004

David Jay's "Stirring Sexual Coffee: A Look at the Thermodynamics of Innocence" - 9-Mar-2004

Jerry Higdon's "Is God Asexual?" - 19-Feb-2004

NY Executive Law Article 15 includes asexuality - 22-Jan-2004

bard of aven's "Parsing Sexuality: The Perspective of One Asexual" - 17-Jan-2004


"Generation X" - is Douglas Coupland, the author, asexual? - 4-Nov-2004

Kate Atkinson's "Case Histories" - 6-Oct-2004

Green Eyes' "True North" - 14-Jan-2004

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DeviantArt - Asexual-Pride group - 6-Jul-2004
40-40 club - A website to challenge people to go 40 days and 40 nights without sex - 14-Apr-2004 (link to the site doesn't work)
My Messy Bedroom - No Sex, Please - 11-Apr-2004
The Official Nonlibidoism society (formerly known as The Official Asexual Society) - 21-Jan-2004
Quirkyalone - Inspiration for uncompromising romantics - 14-Jan-2004
Asexuality Meetup Groups - 13-Jan-2004

Exgaywatch - Unknown - 31-Dec-2004 (link to the page doesn't work anymore)

Asexy Mama - "Adventures in Asexuality" - 25-Dec-2004
TomorrowYesterday - "Being asexual is all the rage" - 18-Dec-2004
The Dilly - "Asexuality - The New Sexual Revolution" - 11-Dec-2004
SuicideGirls - "Asexuality as Identity" - 8-Dec-2004
freerepublic - "Glad to be asexual" - 5-Dec-2004 (seems a copy of the New Scientist article with comments)
Sex, lies and videotape - ""Is Chris Parker asexual?" - 16-Nov-2004
Timothy Sandefur's "Should asexuals have the right to marry?" - 10-Nov-2004

a little more life - "another cause, another great t-shirt" - 29-Oct-2004
Hugo Schwyzer - "Asexuality - Paul's gift?" - 28-Oct-2004
Splitting Image: "Glad to be asexual" - 21-Oct-2004 (Link to second mention of it)
Zuco's blog - "Duds?" - 19-Oct-2004
MonkeyFilter's "Un-F**k You!" - 19-Oct-2004

Metafilter - "Non-F**k You!" - 18-Oct-2004
Timshel's "Dust in the light: is Asexuality a choice?" - 16-Oct-2004
sweet effay - "Amoebic dysentery" - 15-Oct-2004
El_Hober's blog - "Thaddeus too wants to die a virgin." - 22-Jul-2004 (link to the page doesn't work anymore, but ApolloSeek pasted some of it here)
David Payne's "Asexuality"(which is not on asexuality) - 16-Jun-2004
DailyConfession - Asexuality suggested as an option - 21-Apr-2004
DreamJournal - Discussion on sex-related dreams - 16-Apr-2004
uk-learning.net - unknown title - 4-Apr-2004 (link to the page doesn't work anymore)
ChicagoFlame - "Stellar Fashion and an Asexual Friend" - 9-Mar-2004 (second link)
Elemental Wizardry online - All Things as Equal - 20-Feb-2004
Something Nasty - Assholes Outlet - 20-Feb-2004

Swiftpaw's Tree's "Therian Sexuality" - 16-Jan-2004

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Fuzzy Raptor - 11-Oct-2004

Friendly HOSTILIY - 8-Jan-2004

Forums' discussions:
DivorceBusting, TeenForums, Dregstone, Islamicaweb, mistickwicks, BodyRecomposition, stuphthis, sohh, wass-up, bbs.anus, invisionpower and Piano World - Unknown - 31-Dec-2004 (links to the pages doesn't work anymore)
Catholic Answers - "types of sexuality" - 13-Dec-2004
Gamers Experimentations - "Asexuality: It's not just for amoebas anymore" - 26-Nov-2004

Brock Press - "How would you define asexuality" - 2-Nov-2004

Inthemix forums - Discussion on asexuality - 28-Oct-2004 (link to the site doesn't work)
Teenhelp - "confused" - 27-Oct-2004
Global Affairs Forum - "Asexuals" - 18-Oct-2004
aspieforfreedom - "Asexuality; mental illness or a form of sexual diversity?" - 16-Nov-2004
Tvaus - 24-Oct-2004 (the site doesn't exist anymore)
TheSite - "Asexuality" - 17-Oct-2004
Plastic - "People Who Don't Give A Fuck" - 15-Oct-2004
Morrissey-solo - "Asexuals unite!" - 15-Oct-2004 (Another link to a brief discussion on Morrissey on AVEN)

The Ledge - "Asexuality" - 14-Oct-2004
i am bored - "1 in 100 Adults are Asexual" - 14-Oct-2004
Alien-UFOs - "One in 100 adults asexual" - 14-Oct-2004
GrandSlamSingle - "1 in 100 Are Asexual" - 14-Oct-2004
No More Mr. Nice Guy - "The Asexual Movement" - 14-Oct-2004
We Are The Music Makers Forums - "Are asexuals gay?" - 14-Oct-2004
DVDtalk - "Asexuality: it's not just for amoebas anymore" - 14-Oct-2004
LoveScent - "Asexuality?" - 14-Oct-2004
Sciforums - "Asexuality?" - 14-Aug-2004
LiveJournal - "asexuality" - 27-Jul-2004
Vogue - "Asexuality - weird!" - 22-Jul-2004
AnimeSuki.com - "asexuality" - 10-Jun-2004
able2know - "Asexuality-a new orientation or made up/denial/weirdoes?" - 25-May-2004

Entmoot - "Sexuality - Asexuality?" - 18-May-2004
Shroomery- Asexual person coming out - 25-Apr-2004

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Gothic-chat.de - Asexuality as the 4th sexual orientation option - 29-Dec-2004
Japanese romance games - clannad - 18-Dec-2004
QuickKwiz - "The LJ Crystal Ball -- Revealing Your Inner Secrets" - 7-Dec-2004
chibiryuu declines an interview for a Pittsburgh paper - 19-Nov-2004
Stanford University calls females with low sex drive for a study - 12-Nov-2004
Is Weird Al Yankovic asexual? - 26-Oct-2004
"Androginy and Gender Dialectics" website links to AVEN - 17-Aug-2004
Jugones.net - Weird page named "Asexual" - 15-Jun-2004
dictionary.com - Definition of "Asexuality" evolves - 11-Jun-2004
AVEN on SomethingAwful.com - 29-May-2004 (link to second discussion)

Various on amoebas - 10-May-2004 (some links don't work)
Michel Foucault - Theories on sexuality - 22-Apr-2004
"Stupid sexuals" + AVEN symbol scrawled on a desk in a library - 20-Apr-2004
Unitarian Universalist Association - Asexuals are welcome - 20-Apr-2004
Asexuals are welcome at Queer Straight Alliance of Willamette University - 4-Apr-2004
bettersex.com on asexuality - 4-Apr-2004 (link in the OP doesn't work anymore)
AVEN's ranking on Google search - 3-Apr-2004
"Evaluating questions of purity" mentions asexuality - 3-Apr-2004 (link in the thread doesn't work anymore)
Musician and photographer named "Celibacy Club" - 2-Apr-2004 (link in the thread doesn't work anymore)
AVEN added on Acronym Finder- 27-Feb-2004
Asexuality mentioned in women's studies class - 25-Feb-2004
Discussion on Massachussets Supreme Judicial Court and same sex marriage - 6-Feb-2004
Art documentary - Andy Warhol referred to as asexual - 2-Feb-2004

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