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Non-orientations and what it is?


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Oh where should I even put this thread? I have decided to start this thread in order for people to understand non-orientation labels. Sometimes, these labels can be attributed to someone who have undefined sexuality. I'm looking for more non-orientation labels. Here's the basic points of these three non-orientations.

  • Apasexual
    • Someone who lacks interest into sex.
    • Doesn't necessarily belong into the asexual group as it's about the attitude toward sexual activity and not necessarily their own attraction.
    • Can be undecided on the spectrum or in mix with conjunctions to pomosexual or even mixed with one of the sexual orientations.
  • Pomosexual/ Undefined
    • Pomosexual meaning
      • A portmanteau of pomo, short for postmodernism, and sexual, used as a noun—a person who opposes to using (a)sexual orientation labels which define people by their sexual preferences and the lack of thereof when asexual is included —and as an adjective, referring to such a person or to the philosophy of pomosexuality.
      • A person who asserts himself/herself to have a undefined sexuality and does not refer to sexual orientation labels in order to describe himself/herself.
  • It is the equilavent of N/A when used into a grouping of (a)sexual classifications.
  • Undefined undecided or unsure
    • One who is completely undecided on where one belongs into the sexual classifications.
  • (A)Sexual classification is group of orientations and non-orientations. A list of all of these would look exactly like this.
    • Sexual orientations and non-sexual orientation
    • Omnisexual/Pansexual
    • Heterosexual
    • Homosexual
    • Bisexual
    • Asexual
    • Non-orientations
    • Apasexual
    • Pomosexual
    • Undefined undecided or unsure
    • Sex-related attraction labels
    • Androsexual
    • Gynesexual
    • (Insert whatever works when you're attracted to hermaphrodites body part)
    • Nonsexual
  • So what is a non-orientation? A non-orientation label is a label which doesn't indicates one's personal preference in respect to gender or biological sexes. Apasexual and pomosexual do not contradict itself because it is not a sexual orientation.

    Questions or criticisms?

    As for romantic orientations and non-orientations, I will do that later

I"ll fix this later.

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Um, Androsexual is sexual attraction to men, not to penises. Ditto for Gynesexual being sexual attraction to women, not to vaginas. Aside from that, I have no criticisms.

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-The problem is that romantic tends to refer to the scenario of it's either romantic or gray-romantic or aromantic as it's about the feelings spectrum rather than a complicated mixes that involves the semantics and interpretations which makes up romance. So, it is impossible to be an aparomantic.


-One could potentially be a pomoromantic if the person in question isn't seemingly decided or does not care about where he/she belongs on the romantic spectrum and sometimes, it could involve mixes of feelings toward different gender at different times as it is fluid.

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