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Admods Privacy Policy

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Personal Information

Admods are forbidden to reveal personal information gained in the course of their duties, or use that information for personal gain or for activities unrelated to AVEN. Personal information includes but is not limited to email addresses, IP addresses, real names, and any identifying or financial information. Exceptions can only be made under the following circumstances:

  • The user has explicitly given permission for the Admod to use the information for that specific purpose.
  • The user has posted that information publicly on the board, and has not removed it. Only parts of the board visible to non-members are considered "public" for this purpose.
  • The user has posted illegal content, or is a danger to themselves or to others, and the information is being used to contact the proper authorities.
  • The user is a significant threat to board stability (spammer, hydratroll, hacker) and the information is being used to guard against them.

Deliberate misuse of a user's personal information will result in removal of Admod privaleges, a warning, and a permanent ban on ever running for Admod/PT positions again.

Disciplinary Matters

The need for transparency for disciplinary matters must be balanced against the privacy of the members in question. Admods are required to show the highest discretion in referring to disciplinary matters.

  • The details of a matter under review or a claim being investigated are confidential to the parties in question, but the fact that a review/investigation is underway is not. Admods are allowed to confirm that a review/investigation is being conducted, but should only do so if asked or as part of the procedure of locking threads for review. Care should be taken not to insinuate the guilt of any user, and doing so will be considered a breach of confidentiality.
  • Admods are allowed to correct misinformation. If a user voluntarily shares information about disciplinary matters against them, confidentiality is taken to be waived for the purposes of clarifying or correcting that information. This does not give Admods licence to refer to it any time they may wish to, and doing so in conversations not otherwise pertaining to the disciplinary matter in question will be considered a breach of confidentiality.
  • If a user shares information about disciplinary matters not against themselves, but against another user, and that information needs to be corrected, the Admods will contact the user whose disciplinary action is being discussed and decide with them if they want to clarify the misinformation themselves within 48 hours, or if they want to leave the correction to Admods. In case the user prefers to clarify themselves, they can choose to just deny what the other poster said and keep the rest private, or to publish the real reason for the disciplinary action received. Further misinformation will be taken care by Admods as described in the previous point.
  • Personal information about banned members is still protected, but disciplinary information can be shared in order to facilitate communication about the issue. Such information should be limited to short, sanitized descriptions, and should be reviewed by other Admods before being posted publicly.

A breach of confidentiality of this nature will result in removal of Admod privileges, and potentially a warning if the information was used to harass, humiliate, or antagonize a user.

Policy discussions

When discussing policy changes on the open board, other staff members' views and how they voted should not be revealed unless they choose to do so. Sharing another staff member's opinion or vote without their permission can result in dismissal.

Staff members can post their own views and ideas and even create threads about policy discussions openly without needing approval. However, these posts and threads should be done as a member and this fact should be made clear. Any threads created on behalf of the Admod Team or any binding polls require prior approval by the Admod Team. Posting an official Admod thread without permission can result in dismissal. Likewise, an Admod intentionally representing their own views as the Admod Team's views or announcing new policy without permission from the team, may result in removal of Admod privileges.

Projects discussions

Admods should be careful when discussing on the board ideas for projects that are brought up in Admods Only. While projects are not on the same level of confidentiality as disciplinary matters, private information or policy discussions, due attention should be maintained for several reasons.

For example, it's strongly suggested that Admods not talk about projects when the ideas are still on the “drafting table” and really not ready/active/confirmed. This is suggested with the purpose of avoiding the dissemination of incorrect information to the membership; ideas may change drastically and this helps to avoid undue pressure on the Admods who are working on said projects. Sometimes projects take a longer time to be defined, sometimes they happen to be left aside because something bigger takes priority. Members could be confused, disappointed, or upset if they knew of a project and then that project didn't happen in the time frame or manner they expected.

Admods are allowed to mention or discuss their own projects or ideas at any time, with the caveat that they should assume responsibility if any of the above mentioned issues should occur. An Admod is free to discuss projects they take part of (if it's not their own idea) when said projects are definite and in particular already about to be set in motion, as there is little possibility of significant changes to either the project itself or its time frame.

If in doubt, always ask. Breaching about projects will not lead to removal of Admod privileges or warnings, however, these guidelines are put in place to help foster a positive atmosphere for team cooperation and mutual respect between team members.

Any opinions on this new Privacy Policy for Admods can be posted in the thread in site comments here:

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Updated the policy discussion section. Announcement thread here:

Previous policy stated:

Policy discussions

Admods should be careful when discussing policy changes on the board. The discussions and voting that brought to a decision are confidential and each Admod's opinion and vote has to remain private unless they decide to disclose it themselves. However, the topics themselves can be posted if approved by the Information Administrator, or if previously declassified.

Breaching about policy changes discussion happening, if accidental, should not lead to an official Warning and consequential demodding. Doing so intentionally and/or sharing someone else's opinion/vote about policy will, instead, will result in removal of Admod privileges, and potentially a warning.

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