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Documentary on Asexuality

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My name is Kaylee, I am a filmmaker based in the UK (my main work locations are Manchester and Cambridge). I write all of my own filming material and scripts, I realised after some time that my work often included characters that were asexual. I did some research on the internet and realised that asexuality does not have very much press.

I have recently been given the task of making a documentary. I would like to reveal the world of asexuality to the media in a respectful way. I think that the media should show asexuals more often in films, TV series and documentaries as we deserve to be fairly represented. If there is anyone who would be willing to be a part of this documentary please let me know, be it a written statement, a poem, a song or an interview. I will travel to you if you are not a local in Cambridge or Manchester as your voice is important. Being asexual myself makes this film very personal to me. I think it will be interesting to have a view of this community from an insider rather than an outsider.

I am open to suggestions so if there is anyone who thinks that a certain issue should be raised let me know, I very would very much appreciate the input of this community.

All the best,

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