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Hey there

New FoxNews video about asexuality

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That was BS of the utmost highest caliber. Thanks for reminding me why I left Fox News behind.

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people are so ignorant. do a little more research fox before you go making assumptions. do they realize 1% is actually a lot of people?

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Sarcastic Bob

You know, it's weird that the only time Fox News isn't funny is when it's actively trying to be. The one exception to this is the clip where they called Mr. Rogers evil, and that was just, well, evil.

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Vyanni Krace

FoxNews on Asexuality (Sorry to those who can't view from this link, it's all I have).

These people are so ignorant and have the ability to endorse this ignorance to millions of people. It makes me want to cry. And barf. And cry some more. It was so painful, I couldn't even finish it.

People who have the power to influence so many people, shouldn't be allowed to cover such sensitive topics if they're not going to even research a little bit to know what they're talking about. Apparently asexuals are either women 3 1/2 weeks out a a month, or men who don't objectify women.

I don't even have the words...

Oh dear I'm almost afraid to go watch it....

ETA: well, it's not even close to good, but it's not as terrible as it could be. Though that's not saying much. It's mostly the usual stupidity.

Rough Transcript:

Transcript (let me know if you find errors.):

Host: Some feel a tug, others just shrug: I’m speaking of those who feel no sexual attraction to others. A new book argues that asexuals, an estimated one percent of the population, should be recognized as a fourth sexual orientation, or FSO for short. With the author calling them an understudied group who could feel very excluded from our quote “very sexualized culture” and indeed it is. Said one fan of neither woman or man quote: “we want asexuality to be recognized as a valid sexual orientation rather than a disorder or something people have to hide.” -(Michael Dore, World Pride Conference)

So let’s discuss this in the - shall we - Lighting Rooooooooooouuuuuuuund (they say it exactly like that)

Brooks, do you buy this orientation? Asexuals? Are they an under-

Brooke Goldfiend (Lawfare Project Director): Oh, I buy it.

Host: Oh you do?

Brooke: Asexuality has been around for a very long time, it’s called being a woman every three and a half weeks. (laughter) It’s a wonderful excuse to get out of obligations. (more laughter) I feel really bad for this poor 23-year-old who actually went and did the interview who admitted that he doesn’t objectify women, so they classified him as being asexual. I mean that’s the whole problem with the study, it went around to a bunch of men, and they didn’t want to, you know, have sex ten times a day, and suddenly they’re asexual.

Host: so you think that actually these people were just normal, or they were undereporting it -

Brooke: absolutely I think they were normal in an uber-sexualized society, so we’ve had to invent this asexuality

Someone: Wow!

???: (jokingly) I just can’t believe the interview thought that I was 23


Host: Jamie, could it be they’re exaggerating asexuality, the numbers, like everybody does, remember we were told that this population was this big and then it wasn;t really this big, I’m talking about pixies.


Jamie Weinstein (Dailycalle): (sarcastically) I don’t think academics ever exaggerate anything . no, there was, I think there was a show about asexuality, or at least a segment on Saturday Night Live, it’s called Pat, uh, so I think they’ve been represented to some degree. But I think it’s kind of something, if you’ve ever been to-when I was on a college campus I remember, there was the lesbian bisexual gay and transgender, and then uh, questioning, they keep adding different letters, it does seem like we’re gonna be keep adding different letters for this.

Host: But I think they won’t be long on that one because they have a lack of a sexual - a sort - a sexuality, so they’ll be kinda like, treated as lepers, asexual lepers, if you will, uh dan. Fact is though you knew someone in high school like this didn’t you, or if you didn’t know someone then it was you

Dan Soder, (Comedian): wow, I don’t know, why are you cornering me like that?


I don’t know, I think when they say they want to be represented what do they want, just like the most boring beer commercials ever, just like a guy that’s like “beer”. (laughter). That’s it. No chicks in bikinis.

Host: But that’s the point. If this is the beginning, bill, of asexual rights, how - look what kind of discrimination will they be fighting against?

Bill: How where they discriminated against to begin with? they can focus on more things, get more done, not have to worry about a myriad of things that you sexual people have to worry about. I think that the problem with this is that it’s one percent. And can we just like, after a while stop recognizing things? Like if it’s that small a portion of the population, do I have to recognize you? Like, woo recognize me because I wear sock monkey hats! Ok, there’s a couple people that wear sock monkey hats, I don’t need to recognize you. yes, you exist. Move on.

Host: What do you have against sock monkeys?

Bill?: I’ve been to Williamsburg way to many times this weekend, I’m done with it.

Host: Well when somebody wants to be recognized you gotta wonder what do they want? And then you have to ask yourself what are they not getting?

Dan: Well we know they don’t want sex (laughter) so that’s what we know they’re not after

Host: exactly! so they want something else. I don’t trustem, I don’t trust em a bit

Dan: I don’t trust them at all (laughter)


What I am dying to say to these presentors:

Point one: Hold on, fourth sexual orientation? Last I checked there were definetally more than four sexual orientations.

Point two: Being asexual isnt 'Not wanting sex 10 times a day'. Nor is it any of the other things you ignorant twats. jesus christ get your facts straight before you speak otherwise you just sound like stupid, ignorant prats.

Point three: Someone, please, re-direct these twats to AVEN before I track them down and murder them in the most gruesome way possible. I really cant stand ignorance and rudeness on this level. (Let alone the blatant discrimination and belittiling going on I mean Jesus Christ did their parents teach them NOTHING about manners?)

The first thing you need to know about me: I dont swear. But this really makes me want to storm right up to them, yell 'OI B******!' and break their noses. Yeah, its probably a good thing I dont like in America right now...

Foxnews really has gone too far this time. Why the heck are they still running if they're so horrible?

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