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Fitzsimmons ♡

So, I was looking for pictures of WorldPride and I randomly found this tumblr giving a good feedback of the conference:

just got back from the asexuality conference

(technically just got back from the post-conference pub, but w/e)

it was AWESOME

I didn’t really talk to anyone because I am Bad at People (mistyped that as Bat at People, but to be fair Batman is pretty bad at people, just in a different way) but it was just… nice being around all those aces and hearing about everyone’s experiences (esp. the international folks, it’s really bad of me but I’d never even thought about how it was for people in non-english speaking countries before) and the research and the genesis of the term as we use it now and generating visibility and and AUGH FEELINGS EVERYONE IS SO COOL I’m really sad it sounds like the next London meet is going to be while I’m in Edinburgh

also I got a free shirt


it’s pretty cool

This other tumblr says:

Nat Titman is not very well-known, but they are one of the greatest heroes in asexual history.

A longer article can be found on this wordpress blog named Asexual Curiosities. :wub:

This is bristrek's tumblr on both WP and the Conference! thanks bris ^_^

Some comments were left on the FB page of the Conference!

Please feel free to add any article, tumblr, FB comment or anything you may find on the Conference!

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