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Final info for WorldPride march on Sat 7 July

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Hello everyone!!!

We're almost there, Saturday there will be WorldPride in London, and asexuality will have a marching group!

We all knew this, though, right? Let's go to useful details!

We are gonna meet at Baker Street Station, the Marylebone Road exit. We will be standing in the Marylebone Road exit or we may be in the cafe just to the left if the street is too crowded until 10am. If you come after 10am, make your way straight to the starting position. From Baker street the way to the parade should be clearly sign-posted. We are in the purple section, which is between the York Street and Marylebone Road exits of Baker Street.


Red circle: meeting point

Blue circle: starting point aka purple section

Please get to the starting position as soon as possible after 10.15am and definitely strictly before 11am when the parade starts.

For people coming via King's Cross station, check this thread for meeting up there with other people in order to get to the final meeting point at Baker Street all together: http://www.asexuality.org/en/index.php?/topic/76176-anybody-coming-via-kings-cross/

In order to have a contact number, please PM michaeld.

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