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Fitzsimmons ♡


Newbie 0
Junior Member 5
Member 25
Amoeba 50
A-Mazing 70
Amoeba Colony 100
Mega Mitosis 200
Mitosis to the Max 300
Asexy 400
Asexy A-postle 500
Too Asexy for this Site 600
Asexy Samurai 800
The Atrix Has You 1000
A-gent 1500
Aeros Incarnate 2000
A-phrodite 2500
AVENger 3000
AVENator 3500
AVENistor 4000
A-Grade AVENite 4500
AVENt Horizon 5000
AVENissimo 5500
So Asexy it Hurts 6000
Kickin' Everybody Else's A 6500
Asexy Authoritay! 7000
AVENineffable 8000
A Jabberbox 9000
Ace of Cakes 10000
AVEN Addict 11000
AVEN Squatter 12000
Permanent AVEN Resident 13000
Avengelical Prophet 14000
Bad Ass Asexual Terminator 15000
A Mad Purple Poster 16000
A Purple Posting Poet 17000
Purple A-cademician 18000
Asexy and I know it! 19000
The A-Team 20000
Space Ace 22000
Cakemaster 24000
A Fixture 26000
Cake Collector 28000
Phantom Poster 30000
Has not broken AVEN yet 50000
Ace of A Kind 70000
Obviously Took the Red Pill 90000
Owner and Operator of the Atrix Snack Bar 100000

Custom Member Titles

Once you make 100 posts you will be able to create your own custom member title.You can do this by following these steps:


The Admods reserve the right to edit or remove any title deemed to be against the [/size]Terms of Service[/size], or otherwise inappropriate. [/size]

Thanks to sonofzeal for compiling this.

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Ams takes the cake for the only one to surpass 50,000 and even 40,000. :cake:

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*Posted update/announcement on custom member titles, with link*

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