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The Aromantic Threads Index


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The Aromantic Threads Index

Welcome to The Aromantic Threads Index, a list of AVEN threads and some external webpages containing information and discussions related to aromanticism.

Hopefully, this will serve as a useful resource to the community. However, it certainly does not list every single AVEN thread discussing the aromantic spectrum, nor every single related resource out there, so please feel free to suggest new additions! To search the index thread for a specific word or phrase, hit Ctrl+F (or Apple+F) and type what you are looking for. Your comments, suggestions and/or requests about this index may be posted in The Aromantic Index Thread - Comments, Suggestion, Requests, which can be found in the Site Comment forum.

The following list of links will take you to the appropriate posts:


This list was compiled by Ithaca with the help of YouAreYummy, Hexaquark, and Cleander. Appreciation also goes to Faelights for editing and miscellaneous suggestions, and to Michaeld, Bipolar Bear and NigelFt for technical support.

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AVENwiki/FAQ links

Aromantic definition by AVENwiki - Definition of Aromantic
Gray-Romantic definition by AVENwiki - Definition of Gray-Romantic
Aromantic FAQ on AVENwiki - AVENwiki page dedicated to Aromantic FAQ
A Life Podcast about Aromanticism - "A Life" is a weekly podcast about Asexuality and Asexuals. This one talks about Aromanticism.

General Threads

The Aromantic thread. Are you the non-romantic sort or just curious? - The pinned Aromantic thread
The Grey-Romantic Thread - The Grey-Romantic Thread
Discussion thread on AVEN about Aroplane
Unofficial Definitions

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Threads discussing Aromantic Relationships

General Discussions

A question for Aromantics **new**

Should Aromantics give relationship advice? **new**

Aromantic opinions on physical affection **new**

Can an aro ace be a Cupid?
Aromantics in Romantic Relationships - Where are all of you hiding?
Romance Drive?
Queerplatonic Vs. Romantic Relationships - Labels can get confusing
Romantics vs. aromatics
Queerplatonic/ S.O. relationship poll. Aromantics only!
To Aromantic Aces
Do any other aromantics still want to find life partner?
Aromantic vs Romantic/ Crush vs Squish
Aromantic Only - Who would you date as an exception?
"You'd make such a great pair"
Any Platonic people out there?
Aromantics in romantic relationships pseudoromantic, because we need more terms
What does a crush feel like? (questions from an aromantic member)
Why are prople so eager to being a relationship on the first date? Aro dating
How to meet a partner. The internet isn't just my thingy.
Looking for a definition (Queerplatonic Relationship)
Do any aromantic's ever think about being in a relationship?
Ideal aromantic relationships (Poll)
Experimental Relationships
Squishiculties (Squishes)
Is anybody else out there completely fine with being alone?
Can Aromantic Asexuals "feel" they are capable of romance and sex despite any attractions?
"I love you" versus "I'm in love with you"
Platonic Crush Relationship
Relationship Anarchy
What's a squish?
Squashes and Zucchinis
Can aromantics fall in love?
Squishes and Squashes - what's the difference?
Emotional Attraction? (talking of squish, squash, crush)
Aromantic Significant Others - is that the best name we can come up with?
Any other aromantics feel like this?
What's the point of a relationship?
Difference between a crush and a squish
What's the difference to you between friendship feelings and romantic feelings?
Why do most people seem to think that they need romance to be happy?
Can there be platonic crushes?
Aromantics... Why do you not want to be in a relationship?
Why keep trying? (about relationships)
Can an aromantic asexual fall in love?
What's your ideas about platonic love?

Personal Discussions

In love with aromantic **new**

Touching in a relationship **new**
Do Other Aromantics Wish They Had More Aromantic Friends? **new**
Aromantics in relationships with romantics
So I have this friend...who is kind of more than a friend to me..... (about zucchini)
Aromantic Dating
Squishes/Crushes on strangers
I got asked out (feeling of an aro member asked to go out on dates)
Advice please, I'm intrigued by a fellow ace (squish)
Aromantic Demisexual (a hard situation)
How do I explain my ex why I dumped him without consfusing him?
I guess he wants to keep me
A Romantic lost in doubt (Romantic+Aro)
How do you know when you should ask someone out or date them? Romantics and aromantic perspectives welcome.
My platonic partner has asked me to be her life partner.
Being asked out?
Dating as an Aromantic
Odd combination of feelings aromanticism and loneliness.
Never wanted a relationship/sex until I realized I might be ace
Aromantic Relationships a Pipedream?
Platonic, but Sexual Relationship
I want a buddy to snuggle with, not a partner
What is this feeling so sudden and new? Crush, Squish, me going crazy?
What to do when someone takes interest in you?
I would like a more intimate relationship... but don't experience romantic attraction
I don't want a relationship, but I don't want to be alone and... :/
Aromantic wants to try dating

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Threads discussing Orientation/Questioning

How can I know what I am? **new**

Possibly Aromantic? **new**

Naive-Seeming Questions...? **new**

Is aromanticism innate, a choice, or developed through experiences?
Non-romantic Attraction to Attractive People
Is it Possible I'm Aromantic?
What does this sound like to you?
Where do I fit in? Aromantic? Romantic? ...
Am I truly aromantic?
a question for aromantic asexuals
Am I aromantic or is this an Aspie thing?
Aromantic homosexual :/
New ace here! clarification help please? =)
Aromantic? when do you exactly know this is how it is? POLL
aromantic but with romantic desire?
Aromantic Sexual - What's your opinion?
Can you BECOME aromantic? Hear me out.
I think I am, I think I am...
I feel too independant to have a relationship - does this mean Im aromantic?
Can aromantics experience love?
I'm not sure if I'm aromantic...?
Can you become aromantic?
Aromantic or Biromantic?
Is aromanticism innate?
I might be aromantic?
Any Aromantics "Romance Repulsed"? Or have been in the past?
Aromantic Asexual Gray's
Romance vs Affection - Am I Aromantic?
Aromantic sexuals?
Aromantic but still want a relationship - what does aromantic actually mean?
What if I'm Aromantic as well?
Asexual/Aromantic or maybe depression?
Sometimes I really wish I could be aromantic...
Wondering about Aromanticism (newbie questioning)
I'm new and I have questions (newbie questioning)
Looking for an accurate label
Am I Aromantic? If you're aromantic please give your opinion
Aromantic Demisexual - Are there more of us?
Is anyone here Aromantic?
What does Romantic Attraction feels like?
Aromantic, grayromantic, or hopeless? In which lucian angsts about his romanticism and asks for confirmation
How to deal with the future
Romantic attraction in conjuction with sexuality (About Aro Sexuals)
I just need to make sure (questioning)
Well, DAMN. Confused, yet again. (questioning)
When and how did you realize whether you're Romantic or Aromantic?
Are there homo, gay or str8 aromantics? or aromantic sexuals?
Aromantic or just socially inept? Or both?
Are you aromantic or romantic?
Homoromantic or aromanitc?
Aromanticism vs. Romanticism
I Finally Understand What Romantic Is - Now I Finally Know I'm Aromantic
Romantic attraction without the desire for a relationship - what is this?
Is anyone else a Triple A? Agendered Aromantic Asexual?
Aromantic, I'm still confused about it - Definitions are weird
Aromantic nonlibidoist
Demiromantic, Grey-A or Aromantic?
What's the best metaphore for Aromantic-ness/Asexuality you heard or thought up?
Aromantic? Panromantic? I don't even know...
just wanna make sure I'm using the right term
What it means to be Aromantic
Confused if I am aromantic or not
What if I'm aromantic after all?
Where do I fit... and what do you call this?
How do you know you're romantic/aromantic?
Who wishes they could have sexual and/or romantic feelings?
What I don't get about Aromantics....
"-romantic" can someone explain the difference?
What makes love romantic or aromantic?
What about NO romance?
Aromantic with 'romance drive'?

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Threads discussing Gender, Media/Books and Just For Fun

Quick Question for Aromantics - Just For Fun**new**

Blue Blur's Random Aromantic Asexual Questions - Just For Fun

Question for people who identify as aromantic - Gender

Romance changes our perception of gender? Is there a connection between Agender and Aromantic? - Gender (Poll)

Not wanting a girlfriend is an illness? Apparently aromantics and homosexuals don't exist - Media/Books

Writing Sexual Characters and Romantic Stuff -- Does anyone else here have problems? - Books/Writing

Criticism of Romantic Love (Aros discussing how medias portray love) - Media/Books

The Giver - A book related to Asexuality and Aromanticism? - Media/Books

Boston Partnerships: an essay on friendship-based partnership - Media/Books

You know you're Aro if....... - Just For Fun

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Threads discussing an Aromantic Forum/Subforum

Decision on Aromantic Forum. The results of the admod deliberations following the poll. - Start date: April 17th, 2012
Aromantic Forum Poll - Start date: March 10th, 2012
A Subforum for Aromantics [Poll] - Start date: March 9th, 2012
Is the time ready yet?Reopening the question of the Aromantic forum - Start date: October 7th, 2011
Discussion following a poll about an Aro Subforum - Start date: September 13th, 2011
Aromantic Subforum - More indepth poll - Start date: September 7th, 2011
Now that there's a Demi/Grey-A subforum, can there be one for Aromantics? - Start date: September 7th, 2011
Romantic Attraction Subforum - Start date: July 26th, 2011
Aromantic Subforum - Start date: August 2nd, 2010
Proposal for a new forum for discussions concerning Aromantics - Start date: May 6th, 2009

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History of the term "Aromantic"

Clarification on Aromantic - Start date: Aug 3rd, 2011
Origin of Romantic Orientation terms - Start date: Aug 14th, 2010
Aromantics as "Heteroplatonic" - Start date: May 17th, 2009
What's with the "A-" terms? - Start date: Sep 21st, 2007
Podcast by David Jay about intimacy, romantics and non-romantics. - Start date: Aug 16th, 2006
The term "Aromantic" takes off - Start date: Jun 06th, 2005
What percentage of asexuals are non-romantic? (POLL) - Start date: Oct 11th, 2004
Asexual-Asexual (before "Aromantic") - Start date: July 06th 2003
David Jay links to an article that draws a line between romantics and non-romantics asexuals - Start date: July 25th, 2002

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Aromantic Websites/Forums

Aroplane - (http://aroplane.prophpbb.com/)
  • Started by
+Lee and their friend Sam, it's a forum for aromantics, grey-romantics, demiromantics, lithromantics, sexual aromantics, and other aromantic spectrum individuals.

The National Coalition for Aromantic Visibility - (http://www.aromantic.org/ )

  • The National Coalition for Aromantic Visibility was founded in late 2010 by three kids from Staunton, VA, who had noticed there wasn't a place anywhere else for them or others like them.

Aromantic Asexuals - (http://aromantics.forum-motion.net/)

  • A community for aromantic asexuals to connect and discuss, in whatever depth, aromanticism.

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Threads discussing Demi/Gray-Romanticism

Can anyone expand on the term "lithromantic?" **new**

How can you tell whether you're Aromantic or Demi-romantic? **new**

Demi Romance **new**

What is the exact difference between being aromantic and demi-romantic? Do aromantics get crushes?

Lithromantic or Gray-romantic? a case which falls kinda in between the two
Demiromanticism and Fictional Characters
WTFromantic - Do you think WTFromantic should get a name change? POLL
How do you feel today, romantic or aromantic?
Question for Demiromantics Do you actively desire/seek a relationship when you're single?
Am I actually aromantic? And what is a "demiromantic?" ]
WTFromantic - Question for aromantics
Do i sound like a lithromantic or someone who just has bad luck?
I think I actually found a label that describes me
Dark Grey or what?
Help meee, am I Gray-Romantic Asexual?
Platonic Fantasy Dreams/ Greyromantic
Anyone ever hear of a lithromantic or identify as one?

Anyone wanna explain to me Demiromanticism?
Crushes for romantics, squishes for aromantics - so, what's the term for gray-romantics?
Curious..What exactly is Demi-Romantic?
Demiromantic Aces?
I don't fit the typical "Aromantic" definition
Romantic and Demiromantic aces please respond
Being Demiromantic
Romantic vs Aesthetic Attraction
The line between romantic and aromantic
Demiromantic/Gray-R? is that possible?
Demiromantic - why is it not official?
Is it possible to only get squishes on members of the opposite gender?
Demiromantic? (Poll)
Demiromantic? Have we used this term before?
Are there many demi-romantic people?
Not Aromantic?
Can you be Grey-Romantic?
If not with him/her I'm not interested in a relationship. Can you relate? Demiromantic?
So are most sexuals demi-romantic?

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