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Nalle Neversure

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Nalle Neversure


Here's some terminology to help ease your way into the melee.

Sex: one’s biological condition, male, female, intersex, or transitioned

-Intersex: a person born with indeterminate (neither male nor female) genitalia, though they might still have regular chromosomes (XX or XY)

-Transitioned: a person who has undergone surgery and/or taken hormones to make their body resemble a sex other than its birth sex (I only add this because some neutrois people transition to a middle ground rather than male or female)

-Chromosones: Part of the human genome (DNA code) which designates your biological sex.

Gender: one’s nonphysical identity (it does not have to be similar to your biological sex), often the sex one feels one should be



-Agender: neither male nor female

-Bigender: both male and female, either simultaneously or alternating

-Pangender: all the genders, (either simultaneously or) alternating between them

-Genderless: a person with no conscious gender identity; a person who would be comfortable in any body

-Neutrois (sometimes FtN or MtN): a person who wishes to have a blank, sexless body

Gender Expression: the sex/gender one actively portrays oneself as via clothing, mannerisms, etc.

Gender Binary: an outdated model of gender based on sex, which assumes people can all be grouped into male or female

Binary's Bitch: A state of being in which the individual is ambivalent about their relationship with the binary. On the one hand, they feel restricted and confined by its limits, but on the other find it inescapable. In some respects it is the opposite of agender; rather than having no gender, the Binary’s Bitch has far too much gender going on for their own comfort. A specific subset of androgyne.

Genderqueer: an umbrella term for non-binary identified people

Genderweird: a term used to describe those whose gender cannot be described by any existing label, or cannot be pinned down as such.

Genderfluid: a person with no set gender identity, e.g. a genderless or bigender person (?)

Demigirl: 1. someone assigned female at birth who feels but the barest association with that identification, though not a significant enough dissociation to create real physical discomfort or dysphoria; 2. someone assigned male at birth who is transfeminine but not wholly binary-identified, so that they feel more strongly associated with "female" than "male," socially or physically, but not strongly enough to justify an absolute self-identification as "woman."

Demiguy: Reverse of demigirl

Transsexual: 1. a person who is/will/would transition/ing from one sex to another; 2. Someone who is medically transitioning, usually within the biological sex binary, although some intersexed people will transition to a binary biological sex, and some people will transition to non binary genders, such as neutrois.

Transgender: 1. umbrella term for a person whose gender and sex do not match up; 2. specifically an MtF (male to female) or FtM (female to male) transgender person; 3. MtF or FtM who lives openly but without any surgical transition (as opposed to transsexual)

-Trans: originally a shortened form of "transgender," sometimes used as an umbrella term for all non-cisgender people

-Transyada: 1. (loosely) a person who identifies outside the gender binary (i.e., not strictly as male or female); 2. Those which don't fit into the gender binary, and who hang out in the 'transwhatever' thread or their own Yada Forum.

-Transman/FtM: a person born female who identifies as male

-Transwoman/MtF: a person born male who identifies as female

Transition: 1. for a trans person of any gender to come out and live openly according to that gender; 2. when one undergoes surgery/ies and/or hormone injections to make one's body better conform to one's gender, including but not limited to sex reassignment surgery (SRS)

Transmasculine: a person born female who, on the binary spectrum with male at one end and female at the other, is on the male side of the midpoint, even slightly

Transfeminine: reverse of transmasculine

(Note that a transmasculine person can identify as neutral as well as male. Reverse for transfeminine.)

Cisgender: a person whose sex and gender match

Fancy: anyone who is nominally agender but displays many mental characteristics opposite to their biological sex, yet isn't completely one way or the other

Androgynous: 1. middle ground between male and female, not determinably one or the other; 2. a gender expression and/or descriptor characterized by a mix/blend of masculine and feminine.

Androgyne: a gender which is a mix/blend of male and female (sometimes this term includes agender). from the greek(?) andro (male) and gyne (female).


There are many sets of gender-neutral pronouns flying around.

-He/She, Him/Her, His/Her, His/Hers, Himself/Herself

-They, Them, Their, Theirs, Themself

-Ey, Em, Eir, Eirs, Emself

-Ze, Zim, Zer, Zers, Zimself (also spelled zhe, zhim, etc.)

-Sie, Hir, Hir, Hirs, Hirself

-Co, Co, Co’s, Co’s, Coself

-Xe, Xem, Xyr, Xyrs, Xemself

-En, En, Ens, Ens, Enself


This list includes the terms that we mostly agree on. If you feel like discussing them more in depth feel free to do so in a new thread.

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