At present, the wiki is sort of in a state of disarray. There are a number of pages with quite useful information, but there is also a lot of stuff that's out of date, and there are a lot of fairly pointless pages. There is a page listing all pages on the wiki, and it has led me to several pages that are not linked to by anything. My impression is that the wiki was an idea that started with some energy and then died, it has lots of pages that were created like they would be of a sort that would be regularly created but then that weren't, giving it a massively outdated feel. Here's what I would like to delete: 1) All recipes 2) Media appearances (I believe that there are more comprehensive listings somewhere) 3) pages about specific events or places (e.g. Washington University of St. Louis and stuff that was held there.) 4) pages about specific AVENites (except for particularly important people whose page has substantive information.) Here's what I would like to keep: 1) Dive in and everything it links to, except possibly the stuff about ASEX (does it even exist?) 2) Anything any particular AVENite feels is important enough to say that we should keep it. Here's what I'd like feed-back on: Are there any pages (other than the one's linked to in Dive In) that you feel we need to keep? Are there any pages that you think need to be updated a lot? Are there any new topics that you'd like to see pages made for?