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Wilbur Turnblad

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I was just watching the new movie of Hairspray, and I noticed the coolest character ever: Wilbur Turnblad.

He's played in this movie by the extremely beautiful Christopher Walken but for once, his character isn't tracing girls. In fact, his character is completely in love with his not actractive at all wife. (played by john travolta). When a very sexually dressed Michelle Pfeiffer tries to turn him on, he stays completely uninterested.

He's not asexual, but he only has feelings for his wife, and NO ONe else can ever interest him Watch the movie, or just read some of the script below first.

Wilbur: And, my personal favorite, x-ray specs. ou can see through anything. Skin, clothes, you name it.

Velma: You don't need those... to see what's under these clothes.

Wilbur: There's a product that really works... 'cause these are phony as a three dollar bill.

Velma: Incredible! I could do a fan dance with a lettuce leaf and you would remain completely obtuse.

Wilbur: Obtuse?

Velma: Yes, obtuse.

Wilbur: I flunked geometry.

Velma: Yeah, well... and biology too, no doubt!

Wilbur: Yeah.

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Yeah, I like Hairspray (own it!) and liked Christopher Walken's character very much.

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