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Androgyny and The Priesthood

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This is a paragraph from " A Journey Through India" by Irish documentarian Manchan Magan (Chapter 5, Page 41)

Some boys are born too sensitive for life, with an overaching tendency towards introspection. Bordering androgyny and autism, those child-men are at home in no land. Previously my type would have entered the priesthood. Nowadays, I was destined to spend my time wandering the world, searching for whatever it was I sensed was missing

in another book of his (should be "in his other book" possibly), i think there's a paragraph about how he likes females but could never have sexual relations with one as he feels females are angels and sex fucks them up or words to that extent. i want to refind that paragraph and when i do, i'll post it also

anyway any opinion's on what he said?

note: any misspellings are mine. i typed out from book

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This topic is now closed to further replies.