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Mask of the Rose - Dating Sim (sort of)

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I just got a game off the 2024 Steam Summer Sale named "Mask of the Rose", developed by FallBetter Games.

One of the main reasons I got it is that despite supposedly having some saucy sex scenes, you can decide if your character is allo-allo, aro-ace, allo-aro or ace-allo right at the start. You can still form relationships with all the characters (even platonic if you are aro) but skip the sex scenes and stuff like that if you are ace. As someone who's a sex-averse ace but still romantic, it feels really nice and accommodating of the developers to do that. I feel like the most dating sim games do is let you become someone's friend if you aren't interested in the whole package, so actually getting representation as an ace-alloromantic (or potentially aro-allosexual) seems like an important step. I only just started, but the game seems pretty cool outside of that.

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That's actually really cool. I haven't seen that in games yet :D, so it's a nice milestone to see

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