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Author in Search of Support from the Ace Community

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Hey Everyone,


I've been a member for some time now but it's been a while since I've visited. I would like to ask the moderators if it would be alright for me to advise members on Aven of my personal project, my series of novels I'm writing, featuring a protagonist on the Ace spectrum. Please advise if it would be appropriate for me to post web links and details on how members can learn more and provide support if interested. If appropriate, please advise of the best forum discussion section for me to do so. 


Be Good and Safe,

Whatever Happens,

Vanilla Bean

(aka. The Hart with Heart)

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Hi. Welcome back! :cake:


(Below is an official, green, mod message.)


Hi! I'm just letting you know your thread was moved from the Welcome Lounge to the "Visibility and Education Projects" forum.



Welcome Lounge, Announcements, and Alternate Language moderator

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