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Research Request: Music Therapy & being LGBTQIA+

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We have a research request from Beth Mulley. It's a different one, so please make sure to read all of the instructions thoroughly. This is open to anyone that is LGBTQIA+, not just ace or aro. But you must be 18+. 



Participants wanted for research on perceptions of Music Therapists and the LGBTQIA+ Community:  

You don’t need to know what music therapy is or have any experience of music therapy to take part in this study!  

I am seeking two distinct groups of participants:  

  • Qualified and trainee music therapists  

  • People who identify as LGBTQIA+ and are aged 18+  

(Some people may be members of both of these groups)  


You will be asked to write two stories (fictional) about hypothetical scenarios in which a music therapist or a music therapy client is thought to be LGBTQIA+.  


For further information and to take part in the study please click the following link: 


If you have any questions, please get in touch with the researcher: 

Bethany Mulley bethany2.mulley@live.uwe.ac.uk  

The research supervisor: Dr Victoria Clarke Victoria.Clarke@uwe.ac.uk 


This study was approved by the Project Team.

On behalf of PT,


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