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Interview Request: ace identities & media representation

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We have the following interview request from @Burning Attic Collective. Please read through carefully and join if you would like and are able to (must be ace-spec and from the UK).





We are Burning Attic Theatre Collective and we are currently in the early stages of launching our newest project which is all about ace identities & media representation. As one of the first pieces of theatre being made in the UK representing the ace experience, it is really exciting - and a little intimidating - to starting out on this journey, especially as a predominantly ace (and all queer) team. As a collective, we devise investigative theatre based on interviews and workshops as a means of research and documentation based on the underrepresented lived experiences, especially queer, migrant, Global Majority. Our first production, Patient Is A Verb, was performed last year, exploring the trans healthcare experience.


We would love to interview as many different ace spec people as possible, from a range of different ages, backgrounds and experiences as a source of research, creative inspiration and source material. Interviews will be held on Zoom (unless otherwise requested) from end March-April 2023. We may use specific stories, quotes, verbatim material, but only with express consent from participants & the script will be shared with you if so.


All of the detailed information can be found here:  tinyurl.com/aceinterviewinfo


Sign up here:  tinyurl.com/aceinterviewform


We really hope you can sign-up and get involved! Do share the word with other ace folk if possible, so we can reach all corners of our community! The deadline to sign up is SUNDAY 19 MARCH at 12pm.


Any questions, just email burningattic.tc@gmail.com


We hope to hear from many of you soon!


Isobel - Director of the project



Socials: @burningattic.tc

Email: burningattic.tc@gmail.com



This study was approved by the Project Team.

On behalf of PT,


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