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Thankful for my asexuality

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Hey everyone! So, at the time of writing, it is Thanksgiving. This is a day where one typically thinks of things they are thankful for. Their family, friends, job, life opportunities, etc. And while I am certainly thankful for all of those things, I also am incredibly thankful for my asexual identity. 


I am so very glad that my asexuality allows me to be the person that I am today. In addition to that, I appreciate everything in my life that has been made possible by embracing my identity. My ace partner and all that she has done for me are things that take center stage. The fact that I am part of her family now adds perspective and meaning to holidays like today. 


In closing, I just want everyone to know that asexuality is something to be thankful for. To take that a step further, I also think people should be thankful of who they are as human beings, regardless of identity or orientation. I know the holidays can be very depressing for people, but I encourage all of my fellow Avenites to be thankful for who they are. Happy Thanksgiving!


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Thank you for sharing this. I see a lot of people being sad about their ace-ness, which is perfectly valid, but it's nice to see more postivity. I mean, come on everyone, we're literally ACE.

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