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AVEN's mission and values

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The AVEN board of directors have prepared the following:


Asexual Visibility and Education Network - Mission and Values




Our values are…

  1. To be an inclusive community, welcoming to all parts of the ace spectrum and our allies, especially ethnic minorities and others who have been under-represented in ace spaces thus far.
  2. To be a safe and supportive community for those exploring their identities without any judgement or gatekeeping.
  3. To further asexuality visibility and education, so that the diverse community of those on the ace spectrum can be understood and respected by those around them


Values in Action


AVEN’s mission is to provide a safe and supportive environment for all parts of the ace community, no matter what background and heritage, religion or none, gender, orientation, and to support intersections with other identities, especially those under-represented in LGBTQ+ and ace spaces.


To that end, it is important that all members and especially staff make active strides to include and support all aces, especially those from minority backgrounds (in the West), aces from non-Western countries, trans and non-binary aces, and ace survivors of abuse.


We value open dialogue and the representation of a variety of different opinions and viewpoints on the forums, and we welcome the expression of a variety of political opinions. However this value does not take precedence over the preceding: creating a welcoming environment for a diverse community of aces and allies, especially racial minority aces, trans aces, survivors of abuse, and others under-represented in the ace community is our overriding priority. We welcome feedback on this from minorities: in the past, having their experiences of racism and discrimination dismissed has been a factor.


We further asexual visibility by being out and open, attending and taking part in asexuality conferences, and furthering education by supporting research and by providing presentations and public appearances.


On joining the team, all staff will be asked if they support these values, which can be further elaborated by the BoD if there are any further details needed, and the BoD will periodically review staff actions to ensure it stays in line with AVEN’s core values.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact aven.board@gmail.com.

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