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Project Team member needed: Resources and Education Director: Nominations

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We are now taking nominations for a PT member for the office of Resources and Education Director.


The Project Team is in charge of visibility projects on AVEN. For more information about what the Project Team does, please see this link:




Possible Project Team activities include:

- dealing with AVEN's media and research requests,

- managing resources,

- giving help to others with their visibility projects.


All PT positions have a duration of 2 years. If anyone steps down in that time, a new election will be held and the replacement will have a new term of 2 years.


The office that is presently in need of an officer is the Resources and Education Director, described as:


Responsibilities: The primary responsibility of this position is to work on developing asexuality related resources. It is expected that this will be accomplished through putting together and leading small teams. This position is intended to help documenting the state of asexuality and to address various questions of interest, to obtain and analyse quantitative data and keep interested people informed.


The person elected for this role will coordinate our cooperation with other organisations like asexual and LGBT+ groups from all over the world. They will also be responsible for liaising with Asexual Census Survey Team, the team that runs the Ace Community Census, and offer them support where needed. They should also explore other ways of obtaining more quantitative information about asexuality, e.g. through omnibus surveys.


Requirements: People applying for this position should be able to lead small teams working on developing resources as needed, have good writing skills and either have a general familiarity with basic statistics or be able to learn. Graphic design ability and knowledge of languages other than English are also welcome.


If you think that you would be an awesome AVEN Resources and Education Director of the Project Team, please throw you hat, turnip, whatever, in here.


To run, qualifications include that a person must have been a member for at least 6 months, and have at least 100 posts that are not in the Just For Fun or Welcome Area forums. You also cannot run with an active, current, warning. A bio is required by voting time. Election rules are here:




You can run for only one office at a time.


Voting will be by a vote of confidence.


This is the timeline for this election:

Sunday, 5 June to Friday, 10 June: Nominations

Friday, 10 June to Monday, 13 June: Dedicated Q&A

Monday, 13 June to Saturday, 18 June: Voting

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These might be good opportunities for people who want to contribute but don't want to be mods. :) 


Good luck to anyone who considers it! :cake: 

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PT is a really awesome group...we're friendly and always willing to help one another. Come join us!

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Snao Cone

I had this role for two years, so feel free to ask me specific questions.

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We will do this again soon.

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