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An article about young women who choose celibacy

everywhere and nowhere

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everywhere and nowhere

I just found an article I quite liked:

Why more young women are turning to celibacy

The article doesn't mention asexuality - and, in fact, I think that growing awareness of asexuality also has some influence on why young people's levels of sexual activity seem to have slightly decreased compared with what was typical about 20 years ago. But I also don't think that it should be decisive: I absolutely wouldn't like asexuality to be considered the only acceptable or thinkable reason for celibacy, or - starting from the other side - wouldn't want celibacy to be considered something possible only for asexuals. And ultimately... it's not like asexual visibility doesn't matter to me - acceptance of celibacy will be hard to achieve if people don't realise than no, not everyone loves sex (and also not everyone who enjoys sex considers it a basic need) - but yes, I do think that dismantling sex normativity is more important because it would be beneficial to everyone affected by it, whether asexual or not. So I like how this text implicitly supports the view that no, celibacy is not necessarily an impossible or excessively arduous choice also for sex-desiring people.

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