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   Just wanted to see how many here can relate to this that sometimes as you go through life you find yourselves changing your mind about all kinds of things all the time; yet, some things especially some things people think you will eventually change your mind about just feel like such a permanent part of you that you always have the same opinion; yet, you feel more like you have to keep it private and protect certain personal views of yours or certain dreams that you know God or Universe (whichever you believe) or you, yourself have within you. Maybe sometimes you find that there are certain people/friends you're ok to share those with, but those always end up being a very few select ones that you feel you can really trust and their energy always feels pure and good to you - its like you can be a 101% sure that they won't mention this to anybody else even if its your family relative they might have to talk to - you know the kind of friendships you really really trust.

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As you experience and learn new things, it makes sense that some of your opinions will change.  In other cases what you learn may reinforce what you already think.

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