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January/February/March 2022 - Aromantic Intersectionality

Janus the Fox

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Janus the Fox

Time for the next issue! This one explores the intersectionality between Aromantics.  This looks at the Aromantics that share other identities, those who are also Asexual, Sexual or anything else shared.


Read it here: https://issuu.com/avenues1/docs/avenueswinter2022_final


Editing team

Chief Editor: @Janus DarkFox

Layout: @kelico @rainbowbarfeverywhere

Co-editors:  @Kikuka @GreyinWonderland 

NEW Benevolent PT Overlord: @AceMissBehaving

Creative team@kelico @NickyTannock @ben8884


Contributing Writers/Artists: @scarletlatitude 

Special Thanks to: @OptimisticPessimist @LeChat




For our 52nd issue, we will be looking at efforts of Asexual activism around the world.  How different, how visible asexual is around the world 


Fill out our questions of the month form here: https://forms.gle/p7Aoc7tig8TGZvde9


Remember, we are always looking for articles and artwork to add to AVENues!
•    To submit creative works, please go here: https://goo.gl/forms/QQqfdfOR69niJFoP2 
•    Send us your asexy jokes and puns here: https://goo.gl/forms/Rg4vlY6XZ7c17bNJ3
•    For larger submissions, please email us at avenues.submissions@gmail.com  
•    You may also send a private message to any of the AVENues staff on AVEN

We are always looking for more people to join our team! Send one of us a message on AVEN for more info!

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Thanks, to everyone involved in AVENues!


:) I, especially, recommend reading this issue for anyone who's aro, questioning if they're aro, etc. I've seen some members express worry, sadness, etc. at being aro, and there's some helpful advice from me and others about how we deal with being aro.

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Frigg I think I put my deadname in the survey

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For the last volume not the new survey

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