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an asexual perspective in a New Yorker humor column

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On the one hand, this humor piece doesn't have much to say about asexuality, except indirectly.

On the other hand, its an instance of asexuality being mentioned in a casual way in a mainstream publication with high readership.




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I think it kind of does say a lot about asexuality, because I think these general societal ideas about love and relationships are part of why a lot of people who may be asexual struggle with identifying as such. If loving relationships were not so often depicted in such a dysfunctional way, it would be easier for asexual folks to recognize dysfunction, and prioritize healthy emotional relationships. But society in general (or popular media at least) suggests romantic relationships are of the highest importance, and in romantic movies (along with most movies, really) depicts romantic love in an unhealthy and unrealistic way. It's confusing for everybody, asexuals included.


But you know, just because it's relevant to people who are not asexual, does not mean it's not very important for asexuals. I think the popular conception of romance is super relevant for asexuals, because again, it leads to lots of confusion.

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2 hours ago, Karret said:


Also that.

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