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Ace Chat Seeking New Interviewees

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Hi all! Ace Chat is seeking interviewees again, and we'd love to hear from you! If you're not familiar with Ace Chat, we're an ace and aro visibility platform devoted to sharing a-spec resources and stories. We can post your interview anonymously on Instagram or with your name, photo, and/or social links. We also offer long-form interviews on Youtube for anyone who is 18+ or has parental consent.

Recently, we've streamlined our interview process, and our preliminary Instagram questions can be found here (you don't need to answer all of them): https://forms.gle/aRQjRkNWvPtwjejB8

If you're also interested in YouTube, make sure to mark it on the form, and we'll be in touch! And if you have any questions, feel free to post below and I'll respond ASAP. Thanks for your time, and hope to receive your responses! :)

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I'm not too familiar with Ace Chat personally, but I'd like to say that @Squeep was absolutely central to the 2021 Ace Conference - doing a huge amount of behind the scenes organisation and co-leading the accessibility committee - not to mention doing a lot of work for International Asexuality Day. It's been amazing working with them, and I'd definitely recommend getting involved in any project they're running if you're interested!

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