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Are you living life by living in the moment?

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the game

I have decided to live in the moment.
If there is a result, I say let's go by living the moment.
If I'm going to have a relationship, let me live in the moment.
If I'm going to be happy with someone, let me live the moment.
what are you saying?

I'm tired of molding myself.

If there is something, I want it not to have a name in me.
Even if I like it, I won't name it.

Yes, I am asexual.
but what do you think it's like to make love while living in the moment?
I think it's a very beautiful thing.

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Comrade Jade Cross

Im afraid Im incapable of saying what making love feels like in the moment so someone else will have to weight that in.


Aside from that, at least for me, Im not exactly able to grasp the concept of living in the moment because it sounds too much like being hyper self aware, which many agree is good yet I have found that when you are aware of everything, everything becomes overwhelming

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Heaven in hiding

I'm intuit. Intuits just don't able to live in the moment

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Aelin Galathynius

I'm fed up from always acting in accordance to my future, or to please other people, so yes I am trying to savour what little 'childhood' I have left by living in the moment.

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