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International Asexuality Day livestream - 3pm UK time (1400 UTC) on 5 April

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@SpirallingSnowy has posted about all the different events happening around International Asexuality Day (IAD).


I encourage y'all to check out her thread!


This post is about the event that AVEN UK (the UK visibility arm of AVEN) is contributing to this. Just to confuse things, we're a day early! International Asexuality Day itself is 6 April, but we're holding our livestream on Monday 5 April 2021. This is largely because 5 April is a public holiday in the UK and some other countries this year.


The livestream will be held at 1400 UTC on 5 April, which is 3pm in the UK as we're now on summer time, or 10am EST.


I must emphasise that AVEN is only one organisation taking part in IAD (and this livestream is the main event we are contributing to the occasion). IAD itself is an international collaborative effort led by multiple different ace orgs around the world, of which AVEN is just one.


As the UK has already had quite a lot of ace visibility, we have decided to hold a youtube livestream featuring aces in other countries. The livestream will be hosted by British ace activist and AVEN board member Yasmin Benoit (also known as @yazybee).


Please sign up on the eventbrite page, or the facebook page, to register for the livestream! We will also post the link to the youtube stream here nearer the time. (Many thanks to @kelico for doing the graphics and making the FB page!)


[EDIT: channel link here - please subscribe. The stream itself is here.]


From the blurb:


Join ace activist Yasmin Benoit (host) and guests from Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas to hear all about ace organising and the ace community in several different countries. We would especially like to highlight the work of ace activists in regions that have had less coverage so far.


The event will be livestreamed on youtube, and audience participation via live comment is welcomed. Afterwards we will have a social hang out on AirMeet, if you wish to keep the discussion going.

See you there!

- Mic

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It was a fab event, thank you everyone for putting the effort into organising it! 🌝

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