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AVEN Digest - 22nd February 2021

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AVEN Digest - 22nd February 2021


Research Requests:


Researchers at the University of Toronto are conducting an anonymous online survey on identity development among individuals who identify as asexual.


A student is doing research on the asexual/aromantic spectrum for a class project.




Michigan has become the second US state to officially recognise Aro Spectrum Awareness Week.


World Watch:


Pink News have new articles on celebrating Valentine's Day as an asexual, and on the asexual spectrum more generally.


The University of Ottawa's Fulcrum bemoans the quality of asexual representation in the media.


Vice's Hey Man advice column discusses asexuality.


CBC's The Early Edition radio show has recently done a segment on asexuality.




UK meetup - Manchester (online, 24th February)

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