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AVENues is the monthly AVEN Newsletter

AVENues Issues:




AVENues issue #41 - Physical Health - April/May/June 2019

Online version

PDF version


- Questions of the month

- AVENues Facebook poll

- Open mic -- Poetry by Vee, short stories by sh1965, paintings by Joe Parish and Retha!

- Member highlight: philip027

- Puzzle: sports word search



AVENues issue #40 - All Creatives Special- January/February/March 2019

Online version

PDF version


- Poetry by Toads, CajunAce, Anon, Iris

- Painting by Ret, kelico

- Short stories by Duke, CajunAce

- Member highlight: Rynn

- Questions of the month

- Puzzle: Number puzzle






AVENues issue #39 - Sex Ed - October/November/December 2018

Online version

PDF version


- "Asexuality and the Direction of Sex Ed" by Snao Cone

- "Sex ed experience" by Dreaming Ace

- Questions of the month

- Member Highlight: Skycaptain and Puck

- Ace mini review "Love Simon" by Blue Ice-Tea

- Artwork by Tass, disneydork, darvyn, Silk Bones

- Short story by bluenose2722

- "Asexual Awareness Week" by kelico

- Puzzle: Amazing Aces maze



AVENues issue #38 - Style - July/August/September 2018

Online version

PDF version


- "Selfies, Style, and (A)sexuality" by Snao Cone

- "Dressing While Androgynous" by scarletlatitude

- Ace Mini Film Review -- "Avengers: Infinity War" by Blue Ice-Tea 

- Questions of the month

- Member highlight: [noize:injekktion]

- Reader submissions on style (by scott1989 and Rosendust)

- Artwork by Hady, Zebigbos, kelico

- Puzzle: Hidden message



AVENues issue #37 - Mental health - April/May/June 2018

Online version

PDF version


- "Not a broken dragon" by bluedragonwings

- Questions of the month

- In depth answers to the questions of the month

- Ace Film Review

- Open Mic

- Ace Problems

- Member Highlight: Homer

- Asexy Puzzle: Self-Love word search

- Mental health resources



AVENues issue #36 - Aces in the media - January/February/March 2018
Online version
PDF version

- Ace's in the media

- Member Highlight: anzu2snow

- Asexual news

- Ace Film Review

- Asexual Research update

- Open Mic

- Asexy Puzzle: Number puzzles






AVENues issue #35 - Holiday Special - October/November/December 2017

Online version

PDF version

- Unasked Questions, Holiday Meals, and Alone Time Among Family by Snao Cone

- Being an Ace During the Holidays by scarletlatitude

- Questions of the month

- Asexy jokes

- Open mic: The 12 Days of Acemass by Anonymous

- Puzzle: holiday word search




AVENues issue #34 - PRIDE - July/August/September 2017

Online version

PDF version


- Ace Pride stories (Questions of the month)

- Open Mic - "The L-ade tree part 2" by Blue Ice-Tea, poetry by Dreaming Ace and Marvin Bledsoe

- Member highlight: sea-lemon

- Puzzle: maze to pride




AVENues issue #33 - Ace Connections - May/June 2017

High Quality


- "My journey to PRIDE" by Sebastian M.

- "The Vancouvenites: A Brief History" by Heart

- "The UK Meetup Scene" by Cicero

- "Meeting Fellow AVENites: A Journey" by Kelly

- Member highlight: VirusHybrid

- Ace Mini-Review: "Moonlight"

- Question of the month

- Open mic - "The L-ade Tree" by Blue Ice-Tea, poetry by Kyrin Lee, Lorna

- Puzzle: Meetup Word Search



AVENues issue #32 - A/romanticism - March/April 2017

High Quality

Low Quality


- "The history of romance" by Blue Ice-Tea

- "Questioning aromantic or panromantic" by SkyWorld

- "Aros singing love songs" by Snow Cone

- Ace mini review: "Finding Dory"

- Member highlight: argar

- Question of the month

- Open mic: artwork by Nakaez, short story by Rosendust, poetry by Zidge

 - Puzzle: A/romantic crossword



AVENues issue #31 - AVEN's Sweet 16 - January/February 2017

High Quality

Low Quality


- "A declassification team look back" by DeltaX

- Member highlight: Kelly

- "The squirrel that stole Cakemas" by Delvai

- Question of the month

- Open mic: Artwork by Wonderment, SkyWorld, Ian H; poetry by Zidge

- Press release: "Interface"

- Puzzle: SWEET Sixteen








AVENues Issue #30 - Acceptance - November/December 2016
High Quality
Low Quality

- "Acceptance at Work" by Snow Cone
- "The Erotics of Grad School" by Blue Ice-Tea
- "The Reaction I was Hoping for" by Wenderbread
- Member highlight: faeriefate
- Question of the month
- Open mic - poetry by Zidge
- Puzzle: 2016 maze of ace-ness



AVENues Issue #29 - Asexual Research - September/October 2016
High Quality
Low Quality

- In Loving Memory: Shockwave
- "Asexuality: Few Facts, Many Questions" (Houdenhove & Gijs)
- "Intergroup bias toward 'Group X': Evidence of prejudice, dehumanization, avoidance, and discrimination against asexuals" (MacInnis & Hodson)
- "Mental health and interpersonal functioning in self-identified asexual men and women" (Yule, Brotto, & Gorzalka)
- "A validated measure of no sexual attraction: The Asexuality Identification Scale" (Yule, Brotto, & Gorzalka)
- Interview: Morag Yule
- Question of the month: Why do you think asexual research is important to the asexual community?
- Open Mic:
- Artwork by Okane and SkyWorld
- Poetry by Zidge
- Link to AVENites sing
- Puzzle: word REsearch

AVENues Issue #28 - Gender and Asexuality - July/August 2016
High Quality
Low Quality

- "The Language of Gender" by Heart
- "Gender Thoughts" by Wayfarer
- "I am not a natural woman, I prefer being Pippi!" by Julia
- "Being the Indian Asexual" by Bai
- Member highlight: Ashen (interview by Aqua-Ace)
- Question of the month: "How has your gender orientation impacted your sexuality, your relationships, or your life in general?"
- Open mic:
- Artwork by Autumn Season, kelico/Starry Sky, SkyWorld
- Poetry by Zidge
- Puzzle: gender acronyms crossword


AVENues Issue #27 - Relationships and Asexuality - May/June 2016
High Quality
Low Quality

- "Married to an Asexual" by Simon Blackwell
- "An Aromantic's Pros and Cons to Relationships" by Snow Cone
- "#noromo" by scarletlatitude
- Member highlight: Steph (interview by SkyWorld)
- Question of the month: "Has asexuality affected your views on relationships? If so, how?"
- Open mic:
- Artwork by Autumn Season
- Poetry by Zidge
- Puzzle: word scramble


Click here



AVENues Issue #26 -The Cultural Significance (Asexuality and Culture) - March/April 2016
High Quality
Low Quality

- "Aces in Arabia" by NewMeeble
- "Asexuality Visibility and Activist in Latin America" by Patricia Grosso
- "A Culture of its Own: Growing Up Biracial and Asexual" by Nai
- "The Chinese Asexual Community" by Robin
- "Luke Skywalker and Other Celibate Heroes" by Blue Ice-T
- "Androgyne in America" by scarletlatitude
- Member highlight: ThaHoward (interview by CosineTheCat)
- Question of the Month: "How has culture affected your views on asexuality?"
- Open mic:
- Artwork by SkyWorld and Lindsay Niedert
- Puzzle: country scramble


AVENues Issue #25- Old vs. New - January/February 2016
High Quality
Low Quality

- "Nostalgia" by Amcan
- "#teamwhippersnapper" by SkyWorld
- "Logo contest" by SkyWorld
- Member highlight: SkyCaptain (interview by CosineTheCat)
- Open mic:
- "Asexual: A Poem" by Allison Harmon
- "Deck of Cards" by Julianna Drachman
- "Inside the Mind of a Bookworm" by Amanda Fry
- Artwork from SkyWorld, kelico, ratherdrinktea
- Incredibly Ace Moments
- Puzzle: New vs. Old






AVENues Issue #24 - May/June 2012
Download Links:
High Quality (Preferred quality for viewing and printing)
Low Quality (Preferred quality for slower computers)






AVENues Issue #23 - May/June 2011
High Quality PDF (Good for Printing and best viewing)
Regular Quality PDF (Good for slow computers/connection)

- Short Story: "An Unusual Dinner" by Almagest
- Column: "A Negative" by T. Henrik Anttonen
- Interview: "An Interview With Sara Beth Brooks" by Arielle
- Comic: by Arielle & Henrik


AVENues Issue #22 - March/April 2011
High Quality PDF (Good for Printing and best viewing)
Regular Quality PDF (Good for slow computers/connection)

- Article: "AVENews" by Cicero
- Short Story: "Childhood Innocence" by Lazul
- Column: "A Negative" by T. Henrik Anttonen
- Review: "AVENues Meeting Review" by Cicero
- Artwork: by Synergy
- Article: "The Dirty Weekend Phenomenon" by Joshua
- Review: "Guardian of the Dead by Karen Healey" by Yamx
- Continuing Story: "Julia (Part 2)" by Anonymous
- Poem: "It Just Can’t" by Arielle


AVENues Issue #21 - January/February 2011
High Quality PDF (Good for Printing and best viewing)
Regular Quality PDF (Good for slow computers/connection)

- Article: "AVENews" by Cicero
- Short Story: "Finding Christmas Spirit" by Heidi (Kakkobean)
- Continuing Story: "Dawn of the Living" by Blerdasaurus
- Review: "AVENues Meeting Review" by Cicero
- Poem: "Winter Heart" by Almagest
- Comic: "Homework" by Arne
- Comic: "The Candy Hearts Resistance" by Kammerson
- Interview: "Interview with Ily" by Arielle
- Short Story: "It's Not You" by Holly (ExeCUTE)
- Article: "Doctor Who: Ace or Not?" by Yamx
- Continuing Story: "Julia" by Anonymous


AVENues Issue #20 - October 2010
High Quality PDF (Good for Printing and best viewing)
Regular Quality PDF (Good for slow computers/connection)

- Editors Note: Arielle
- Letters to the Editor: "The (A)Sexually Oppressed?" from Dash
- Article: "AVENews" by Cicero
- Real Life Story: "The Strangest Feeling" by Sylvaine Cordier (Slylvaine)
- Article: "Asexuality so Hard to Find" by Kathleen N(Arielle's Mom)
- Short Story: "Rejected" by Snufflebottoms
- Poem: "Unbroken Heart" by Sarah Sinnaeve (Library_drone)
- Comic: "We Have Normality" by S.G. McKeithen
- Recipe: "Joe's Cake" by Herr Joseph
- Interview: "Interview with David Jay" by Arielle
- Article: "Sherlock: An Asexual Hero in Mainstream Media?" by Yamx
- Review: "AVENues Meeting Review" by Cicero


AVENues Issue #19 - March 28, 2009
- Announcement: Asexy Dirty Weekend
- Art by Carl Gylling / BaronTheCat
- Article: "Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder and the Asexual Community: A History" by Mandrewliter
- Comic: "Permanently Grounded" by Colt-Kun
- Featured AVENite: Fosco
- From the Forum: seriousness, labeling others, and integration
- Humor: The Fun of Telling Someone
- Meetup Listings
- Review: "About a Boy" by Blue Ice-Tea
- Review: "Rome" by Isaac


AVENues Issue #18 - January 31, 2009
- Announcement: Asexy Dirty Weekend
- Art by Colt-Kun
- Article: "The (A)sexually Oppressed?" by Mandrewliter
- Asexuals All Over: antidepressants, freedom, puppies, and questions
- Featured AVENite: CaleCaesar
- Food For Thought (answers): Oppression
- Food For Thought (question): Community
- From the Forum: fetishes, appearances, and loneliness
- Humor: Incredibly Ace Moments
- Internet Spotlight: Ace of Hearts, Asexual Lesbians, Asexuality Research Network, Platonic Partners
- Meetup Listings
- Photos: San Francisco
- Poem: "Libido to a Creative Mind" by Cait
- Short Story: "Victims" by Colt-Kun


AVENues Issue #17 - December 6, 2008
- Art by Zoidberger
- Article: "Aussie Meanderings: The Story of an Article" by SpirallingSnowy
- Article: "Clearing Up Some Misunderstandings" by Mandrewliter
- Article: "Identity Without the Politics?" by Birdnerd
- Asexuals All Over: meetups and laptops
- Comic: "Permanently Grounded" by Colt-Kun
- Featured AVENite: "Olivier"
- Food For Thought: Oppression
- From The Forum: addiction, coming out, and questioning
- Internet Spotlight: Ace Linkup, Asexual and Proud!, Asexualitic, Love From The Asexual Underground
- Meetup Listings
- Poem: "Finite Hearts" by Raisin
- Review: "WALL-E" by Blue Ice-Tea


AVENues Issue #16 - October 11, 2008
- Article: "It's Hip To Be Square" by Blue Ice-Tea
- Article: "The Magic Words: Focus On Relationships" by David Jay
- Asexuals All Over: gray areas, temporary asexuality, and a fundraiser
- Comic by RandomDent
- Featured AVENite: "Shockwave"
- From the Forum: education, friends, social life, and repression
- Internet Spotlight: Acebook, Asexuality on Facebook, The Frigidarium, The Venus of Willendork
- Meetup Listings
- Photos: St. Louis and London meetups
- Poem: "Moonbeams" by Carsonspire


AVENues Issue #15 - August 16, 2008
- Article: "AVEN Celebrates in Berlin" by the AVENde Team
- Article: "The Stickiness Factor" by Ily
- Asexuals All Over: huge social structures and assigning labels
- Comic: "Tolerance" by Ed Richman
- Featured AVENite: "Emmarainbow"
- Food For Thought (question): Disability
- From the Forum: causes and antisexuality
- Internet Spotlight: Apositive, Asexuality on Livejournal, Asexuality Aotearoa New Zealand, Musings on an Asexy Theme
- Meetup Listings
- Photos: Berlin, Montana, and make-your-own visibility
- Poem: "Untitled" by Zanne Redmond
- Review: "Pan's Labyrinth" by Blue Ice-Tea

AVENues Issue #14 - June 21, 2008
- Art: "La Plata Canyon" by Goonie
- Art: "Red Columbine" by Eliot
- Art: "The Watcher" by Penumbra
- Article: "Labeling: Descriptive vs. Prescriptive"
- From the Forum: the upswing, Latin America, and a relationship
- Poem: "Aye, A Drink" by Midwoka
- Poem: "Literature Litter" by Goonie
- Poem: "Quietus Est" by Eliot
- Short Story: "A Chemist Shamed" by Rix
- Short Story: "Voice" by IAmAFishFlopFlopFlop

AVENues Issue #13 - April 26, 2008
- Article: "Asexuality Among Sexualities" by Mandrewliter
- Article: "Sex-_____: A Plea for Strategic Apathy" by Birdnerd
- Article: "Why I'm a Sex-Positive Asexual" by Vittoria
- Featured AVENite: "Xaida"
- From the Forum: mixed relationships, deafness, and queer unity
- Inside AVEN: Purple Bananas
- Photos: Kansas City meetup
- Poem: "Untitled" by Zanne Redmond


AVENues Issue #12 - March 1, 2008
- Art by Colt-Kun
- Flash Fiction and Photos: "Life Without" by Pilar
- From the Forum: psychology, differences, and marriage
- Letter Box: Asexual superheroes, thank yous, and the best thing about being asexual
- Poem: "Flight Over the Garden" by Electropanda
- Short Story: "Untitled" by A.C. Hinderleiter


AVENues Issue #11 - January 5, 2008
- Art by Colt-Kun
- Art by Parth
- Article: "Confessions of a Purple Superhero" by Sam B.I.
- Article: "Why I'm Not Single: Deconstructing Facebook" by Birdnerd
- Featured AVENite: "Coleslaw"
- From the Forum: teasing, compatibility, sexual appropriation, and scientific reports
- Letter Box: reasons for reading AVENues, older asexuals, German meetups, and Sailor Moon
- Poem: "Anerotica" by Raisin


AVENues Issue #10 - November 10, 2007
- Art by Colt-Kun
- Art by Fieruta
- Art by Roedeer
- Article: "A Voice from the Celibate Side" by Robyn Y. Demby
- Article: "Boxed, Labelled, and Filed Under 'A'" by Sam B.I.
- Comic: Permanently Grounded
- Featured AVENite: "AntiBubble"
- From the Forum: Asexual spouses, causes, getting along with sexuals, and definitions
- Letter from the Editor: AVENues' target audience
- Recipe: Seriously Banana Bread
- Short Story: "The Matchmaker" by Sarah Totton

AVENues Issue #9 - September 15, 2007
- Art by Jaybird721
- Article: "New Project Team: A New Hope or Same Old?" by Sam B.I.
- Article: "Mix 'n' Match? The ups and downs of a mixed relationship" by Freed_Spirit
- Article: "Study on asexuality creates questions while searching for answers" by T_S
- Casual Crossword
- From the Forum: unconditional love, complexity, and definitions
- Poem: "The Firm" by Desiderio Valacco


AVENues Issue #8 - July 7, 2007
- Article: "All Is Not Well in PTgonia" by Sam B.I.
- Article: "Gray Matters" by Hallucigenia
- Article: "Living Well With Uncertaingy" by Birdnerd
- AVEN Around the World: AVENde
- Casual Crossword
- Featured AVENite: "Spinneret"
- From The Forum: taking back sex, relationships, and committed friendship
- Food For Thought (answers): Being Sure
- Food For Thought (prompt): Best Thing
- Photos: Motzstrassenfest, New Jersey meetup
- Poem: "Prizelight" by Dindrane
- Review: "Lost In Translation" by Blue Ice-Tea


AVENues Issue #7 - May 12, 2007
- Article: "Mix Tape = Love" by Ily
- Article: "Notes from the 18th Congress of the World Association for Sexual Health / 1st World Congress for Sexual Health, Sydney, April 15-19 2007" by echidna
- Article: "Pamphlets: Making the Faceof AVEN" by Stupendous Sam
- Article: "Why didn't I just stay in Narnia? The perils of life outside the closet" by Stupendous Sam
- Casual Crossword
- Featured AVENite: M51
- Food For Thought (answers): Attractiveness
- Food For Thought (prompt): Being Sure
- From the Forum: inspiration, tiramisu, living the dream, and friendship
- Photos: Skydiving, Ohio meetup, pamphlet design
- Poem: "A Minority's Perspective" by jewel_box552
- Recipe: Death by Chocolate Mousse


AVENues Issue #6 - March 17, 2007
- Article: "Asexual Visibility: One Show at a Time" by Stupendous Sam
- Article: "Neither Snails Nor Oysters" by Blue Ice-Tea
- AVEN Around the World: Dutch AVEN
- Casual Crossword
- Featured AVENite: Ghosts
- Food For Thought (answers): Intimacy
- Food For Thought (prompt): Attractiveness
- From the Forum: siblings, fantasies, fulfilment, visibility, and intimacy
- Letter from a Reader: ASEX
- Letter from the Editor: changes to AVENues
- Photos: Pittsburgh meetup, LGBTQ presentation
- Poem: "I Wanna" by Nalle
- Recipe: Stuffed Musrhooms with Spinach
- Review: "Howl's Moving Castle" by Kusan38


AVENues Issue #5 - January 20, 2006
- Article: "Stirring Sexual Coffee: A look at the thermodynamics of innocence" by David Jay
- Featured AVENite: Amcan
- Food For Thought (answers): Community Benefits
- Food For Thought (prompt): Intimacy
- From The Forum: trying cake, categorizing love, and thinking differently about relationships
- Photos: New York City meetup


AVENues Issue #4 - December 23, 2006
- Art by Hallucigenia
- Article: "A Collection of Thoughts" by Eli Christman
- Comic: The Adventures of Ace
- Featured AVENite: Charlie of the Opera
- Food For Thought (answers): Relationships
- Food For Thought (prompt): Community Benefits
- From The Forum: newly celibate relationship, love letter to AVEN, and "missing out"
- Poem: "Untitled" by James McKenzie


AVENues Issue #3 - November 25, 2006
- ANNOUNCEMENT about newsletter@asexuality.org email address
- Art by Kelenys and Spinneret
- Article: "Thoughts when AVEN got TOSed" by Amcan
- Article: "That which does not kill us" by Anthony Lecorchick
- Featured AVENite: Triple A
- Food For Thought (prompt): Relationships
- From The Forum: seeing oneself from sexual angles, community strength on the temporary boards, and the validity of "romantic/aromantic"
- Poem: "Creatures of Broken Pieces" by Crowskin


AVENues Issue #2 - October 28, 2006
- Article: "Traversing the Edge of the Sexual World" by Amanda Rojod
- Featured AVENite: Goonie
- From The Forum: filters, being an older asexual, and defining sexuality
- Humor: "Asexy Dance Moves" by Julie
- Poem: "Expectations" by Charliepyro
- Letter to the Editor: Upcoming Meetings
- Photos: Pittsburgh meetup

AVENues Issue #1 - September 27, 2006
- Article: "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Asexual?" by David Jay
- Featured AVENite: AVENguy
- From The Forum: crushes, liberation, and elitism
- Photos: New York City meetup
- Poem: "Cryptosexual" by Hu


Edited by scarletlatitude
New issue
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Updated 26 Dec 2016

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Updated 5 March 2017

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Older issues that were previously missing are now fixed and click-able. :)


Also added the Holiday special 2017 issue 

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Wow, been a long time since I updated this. >.< 


Updated to the first 2019 issue. 

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