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I've come to realise that I'm a demisexual homoromantic guy

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Hi everyone,


Lately I've been struggling with my sexual identity/orientation and I have come to realise that I might not be gay, I think I'm demisexual homoromantic and I don't know to feel about it, I had been in a 3 month relationship with a guy but it didn't work out whatsoever, I've been in love with my best friend from what I can remember, but he's straight, I think about him a lot of the time and we're very close with each other, he's really cute and we get on really well with each other, I've known him for 7 years now, but I don't think nothing will ever happen with us (romantically or sexually), I just feel depressed that all throughout this pandemic, I've felt alone as I don't have anyone special to call my own and I hate it, I just feel lonely and I don't feel like I'll ever find anyone to call my own.....

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Hi! Welcome to Aven!!!! :D

I'm sorry you're feeling lonely from the pandemic-- everyone has been hit hard, and I'm sending you good vibes. ❤️ (and cake! we have a tradition of welcoming new members with cake :D)


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Nowhere Girl

I too love serving virtual cake (perhaps because it requires very little effort on my part, others have already imagined, baked and photographed it for me ;)).

And I think that demisexual homoromantic fits just as well under the gay umbrella (rainbow-coloured, of course). Which is, of course, not meant to tell you how you should identify, rather that you don't have to feel so alone. I can't find it now, but I recall a quote by Primo Levi: "I'm Italian and I'm Jewish. It's like having an extra drive in a car". Similarly, by being both homoromantic and demisexual... yes, it makes it harder to actually find a partner, but you gain access to not one, but two potential communities of support.

So let me offer you something a couple got when they asked for "the gayest cake around". :)


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