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AVENues Jan/Feb/Mar 2021 - AVEN's 20th Anniversary!


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Bonjour all! :) 


Our Winter 2021 issue is celebrating 20 years of AVEN! Read it here: https://issuu.com/avenues1/docs/avenues-winter2021 



Editing team

Editor in Chief: @scarletlatitude

Layout: @rainbowbarfeverywhere @Kikuka

Co-editors@Kikuka @scarletlatitude @Kimmie. 

Benevolent PT Overlord: @Puck

Creative team: @kelico @MichaelTannock @ben8884


Contributing Writers/Artists@Kelly @Custard Cream

Special Thanks to: @kelico @OptimisticPessimist @SkyWorld @ben8884 Will @Purple Red Panda Mizzletoe @ryn2 @Tunhope @Midland Tyke Anonymous AVEN member @Kimmie. @Tja




Next issue we’re tackling Wellness! How do you look after your mental and emotional wellbeing? Come back next quarter to learn about ways we’re recovering from 2020.

Fill out our question of the month form here: https://forms.gle/yXBt9URet763Sems9


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Looks good probably the shortest issue in a while but still great quality.

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Thanks for including my story!

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