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The Internalisation of an Asexual Orientation: A Thematic Analysis

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We have another research request from University College Work, this time from Sinead Kelleher, a PhD student in Applied Psychology, who works with Dr Mike Murphy.


The aim of this research is to gain an insight into the internalisation of the asexual orientation through a thematic analysis of open-ended questionnaires. It is open to anyone 18+ who identifies as on the asexual spectrum. The study has received ethical approval from the School of Applied Psychology Ethics Committee and the Social Research Ethics Committee, University College Cork, and has also been approved by the AVEN Research Approval Board (run by the Project Team).


The questionnaire is here:



You can also find further information here:

https://www.dropbox.com/s/7er55jebli4fp22/Information Sheet _ Consent Form .pdf?dl=0


Please let me know if you have any further questions, or email aven.pt@gmail.com.



(on behalf of the AVEN Project Team)

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They don't ask for demographics except for gender and age so I hope they're aware that people from all over the world are participating.

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That was actually super interesting to take part in! I hadn't realized a lot of my own internalized fears or how other I feel in society until I answered some of the questions...

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Done :) 

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Thank you for posting this Questionnaire and I hope that many of us will take advantage of this opportunity to give important information to the researchers so that papers can be presented which allow more people to understand that we are just people like them we just have some differences.

Done 🙂

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