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AVEN Digest - 16th November 2020

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AVEN Digest - 16th November 2020


Site News:


The AVEN Terms of Service have been updated regarding doxxing.


The autumn 2020 issue of AVENues has been published.


Iam9man has been elected as a moderator.


Research Requests:


A university student is looking at how asexuals understand themselves within society.


A school group is doing research on asexuality.


An anthropological study of AVEN has some questions for the community.


World Watch:


An Ask A Therapist YouTube video on internalised homophobia and normative thinking mentions asexuality.


Secular Sexuality talks about asexuality and neurodiverse relationships.


YouTube channel Psych2Go asks what it means to be asexual.




Online meetup - Discord movie/games night (21st November)

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