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Straight Nonbinary


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Interesting topic, I relate to this to a point MAAB. While I had a procedure that is considered  non binary I am attracted to women. So while a person my be fluid in their presentation they ID with attraction to the opposite sex. At least that would be my thoughts :)

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4 hours ago, Sarah-Sylvia said:

Ok. One more question if it's not too much. Why do you choose to identify your sexual orientation through your biological sex?

I define my romantic* orientation through biological sex just cuz I used to define it this way before discovering that I'm nb.

Ik about terms "andro/gyneromantic" but used to "hetero"/"straight" more

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I know a straight enby who uses straight because they don’t see a relationship with either men or women to be gay or same so therefore it is other. 
Others I’ve come across use it to because they’re masc aligned attracted to women or fem aligned attracted to men. 
In any case, it’s one of those things that can differ between people. As per many things involving enben.

(I say this all as a gay enby so I understand from the opposite side really)

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