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How reports are handled

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How to report a member

If you are concerned about something another member has posted anywhere on the site you can report this to the admod team in a number of ways.

  • Post: Click the 'report post' button at the top right of the post.
  • PM: Click 'report reply' at the top right of the post.
  • Chat: Click on the persons username (box on the right) and click 'report spam/abuse)
  • Profile/Username/Signature: PM an admod with the members username and your concerns
  • Other: You can PM admods regarding any concerns you may have. It is best to look for that forums mod or an admod that is currently online when doing this.


Initially dealing with a report

Once a report has been received a number of things may happen,

  • No action or nudge required
    • This may be dealt with by the individual admod receiving the report. When a forum post this is usually the admod for that forum. If an admod is unsure whether a nudge is required they may ask for the opinion of other admods.
  • Potentially warnable
    • In the majority of cases this will go for discussion by the admod team (see below)
  • Forum actions
    • If a thread appears to be 'blowing up' an admod may choose to temporary or permanently lock it in order to stop further members being reported. Where posts may be offensive or involve safety concerns these may be hidden. In more extreme cases threads may be removed from the public forum. Members may also be advised to block another member they feel is harassing them.


How a potential warn report is dealt with

  • The admod in charge of the report will create a thread where admods can discuss the report this involves a number of stages
    • Initial report: The report and any known relevant information will be posted along with a quote and link to the post(s) and user(s) involved
    • Discussion: The admods will discuss the report. This will involve looking at the context within which the problematic content was posted. It may also involve looking at whether the user(s) has any previous nudges and warns and what these are for, and whether it is an ongoing issue. The admod team will discuss what their views are in regards to the report and whether they feel it breaks the Terms of Service.
    • Polling: Unless there is a large consensus for no action there will be a poll where the team can vote for what action they feel needs to be taken. (Note: A solo mod has the right to skip the poll period after 24 hours for discussion. They are also able to draft immediately when they put up a thread. However, they cannot skip the 24 hour discussion period for warnings.)
    • Drafting: Once it has been decided a warn or nudge is required the admod team will draft this with all admods being allowed an input. Once completed this will be sent to the member and any warns become active.


Instant action reports

Some reports may require more instant action. These may include things such as spam bots or safety concerns. Where required instant action may be taken without going through the above process first. For example, a spam bot may be instantly banned prior to a report thread being created. With safety concerns the action taken would depend upon the concern raised.


Appealing a warn

Once a warn has been received members have a right to appeal. Information on this can be found here.


Early Declassification of a report

Members are able to request early declassification of a report thread 3 months after the closure of the report. For an early declassification request to be accepted all members involved in the report thread must agree to it's declassification and it is subject to discussion by the declassification team. It must also not be within one of the following 'unmovable' categories:

  • An under-aged user is involved/ the main topic
  • Suicide/Self-harm/Suicide threats
  • Harassment/Stalking is main topic

Once an early declassification request has been accepted it will be declassified as a priority by the declassification team. The procedure can be found here.  It will then be moved to admod archives where it will be publicly viewable. In order to request early declassification please PM a member of the declassification team with the approximate date of the report and why you would like it to be declassified early. Whilst you may apply for any reports about you to be declassified we cannot guarantee this would be accepted. Only reports which had their own thread can be declassified early.

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