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AVEN Unofficial Discord and other resources during the pandemic

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Hi all,

I hope everyone is still doing well, and is coping with any restrictions in place in your area. Thanks to everyone who gave feedback here about useful existing virtual resources for the ace community during the pandemic.


We are pleased to announce the AVEN Unofficial discord is open for business, as a chat area for members of the ace and aro communities to hang out, support each other during the pandemic and work together on projects. For details on joining, please go to the following thread (AVEN members only).

We now (26 April) have over 250 members. Do join and say hello! If you are a member of the ace community reading and don't have an AVEN account, please email aven.pt@gmail.com to ask to join.


Other ace chat resources

  • AVEN chat: as of 17 April, AVEN now has a new chat (account required)! Click on the window in a circle, usually to the bottom left of the screen, when logged in.
  • International AVEN discord run by @zimou, with English, French, Spanish and Polish rooms, and an international room where everyone can talk. If you would like to be added, please PM me or email aven.pt@gmail.com, specifying which out of the 4 languages you prefer.
  • AASD ("Ace and Aro spectrum discord") is a very large discord server that has been running many years (unaffiliated with AVEN). To join again please PM me or email aven.pt@gmail.com.
  • Ace Stammtisch: a German language discord server. To join, click here (see @Merle's post below).
  • Various geographic areas also have local discords, often run by meetup organisers. See below for some ways of finding your local meetup scene if you haven't already!

To gain access to the discords, as an alternative to PMing or emailling, the direct links are given in the "other resources" channel on the AVEN Unofficial discord.


Virtual meetups


Now that in-person meetups are difficult or impossible in many areas, a lot of our meetups have swiched to virtual. Here are some resources.

  • AVEN's meetup mart (account required) list meetups (now virtual) by area, and also international online meetups.
  • meetup.com has ace and aro groups in many different cities around the world.
  • acesandaros.org is another really useful site: as well as many other ace and aro resources, it has a search box taking you to meets and events (currently largely virtual!) in different cities. (Note: it has a lot of overlap with the meetup.com results.)
  • We plan to hold further organised meetings on the AVEN Unofficial discord mentioned above. Stay tuned!


Ace visibility and education

  • Our discord has a focus group, making new ace vis/ed resources during lockdown, focussing on areas such as grey-asexuality and intersectionism with other identities. We need writers, proof readers and graphic designers! To get involved join the discord or PM me or email aven.pt@gmail.com.
  • To join the AVEN media and speaker team, fill in this form.


General COVID-19 resources



  • If you are into online learning, the site coursera.org offers a wide variety of free courses. If you'd like to make a study group with other aces, please post about it!
  • For free Springer books, released during the pandemic, covering a wide array of scientific, technical and philosophical subjects (including some LGBTQ+ related) please see this Reddit thread.




We'll add other useful virtual resources here for the shutdown as we come across them. Feel free to continue posting your suggestions and we'll edit them into this post.

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Google Meet is another platform where group video chat is accessible and you can switch between muting yourself and not and there is a chat feature if people just want to do text.

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Hi all,
I created a German-speaking Ace Discord server two, three weeks ago. Everybody can join by clicking on this  link.  (I suggest to install Discord first.)
We are trying to keep regular ace meetups going there, these are scheduled for every other week. We then use  a couple of voice channels simultaneously to have discussions like in offline meetups. For the time in between, we do have themed textchannels. 
Feel free to join even if your German is limited, I'd be happy to see you there! 
If you encounter any technical problems when you try to join, feel free to send me a message.

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We are holding a meeting on Saturday on the AVEN Unofficial discord about ace vis/ed activities during the lockdown. Special focus on grey-A/demisexual resources. More info here.


If you are reading this without an AVEN account and would like to join in without signing up to AVEN, please email aven.pt@gmail.com.

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I've updated the resources in the initial post. Please keep your suggestions coming!

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Signal boosting a meet from the asexual people of color thread.


On 6/24/2020 at 12:15 AM, mermaidesque said:

Hi everyone!


I'm an Indian acearo person currently living in New York. I'm so excited that this forum exists! I actually started a support group at the LGBT Community Center in New York in February for people identifying on the asexual and/or aromantic spectrum and have been co-facilitating it since. Since the pandemic hit, we've been holding virtual sessions. These times are so stressful and just hard to deal with, the group is a place where we can come together and chat, understand our own identities as well as others' experiences. I'm hoping it could be useful for some of you as well. Currently we meet every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month from 7pm to 8:30 pm est and our next meeting is on July 1st! 


Here is the info to join - https://meet.google.com/uth-kosp-eoq


If anyone has any questions please do reach out to me! My official email is sjalote@gaycenter.org, or just message me on AVEN!



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We've done a little bit of new year re-arranging of the AVEN Unofficial discord, to give it a "main chat" channel as a focal point. We still have many other rooms for more focussed discussion, as before. Also we somehow never added an aro-discussion channel till now! Quite an oversight... but fixed!


To join, click the thread at the top.

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