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Evening Standard — Asexuality is not a lifestyle choice for loners and it’s time society embraced that, says model and activist Yasmin Benoit


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Millions of couples around the world celebrated Valentine’s Day on Friday, but there are those for whom this annual celebration of sex and romance holds little attraction.


An estimated one per cent of the world’s population identifies as asexual – also known as “ace” – according to sexuality research, but the number is likely to be much higher owing to the limitations of available data.

Feb 17, 2020 — https://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/asexuality-ace-yasmin-benoit-valentines-day-a4362431.html

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Conscious Cat

I haven't watched the series but I'm happy she's spreading awareness about the community. And the stigma part is also true, people still think of it as a physical/ psychological limitation rather than an (absence of) orientation.

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Yasmin is awesome. I could have met her at Prague Pride last year but I didn't go. I hope she comes to the Czech Republic again! :) She also gave a great interview to one of our local newspapers. It's probably the best text about asexuality that has ever been written in/translated into Czech.

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