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AVEN Digest - 10th February 2020

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AVEN Digest - 10th February 2020


Site News:


Moderator and Declassification Team member elections are taking place.


World Watch:


The Link explains asexuality through cake.


A short play performed at Durham Drama Festival featuring asexuality as one of the main themes was covered in student newspaper Palatinate.


Scot Scoop discusses the upcoming Aromantic Awareness Week.


Big Think introduces its readers to the concept of asexuality.


HuffPost India looks at arranged marriage from an asexual point of view.


The Peak argues for recognition rather than representation when it comes to asexuality.




Canadian meetups - Vancouver (14th February); Calgary (16th February)


UK meetup - Aberdeen (15th February)


US meetup - Salt Lake City, Utah (15th February)


The full schedule for 2020 AVEN meetups can be found here.

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